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Welcome to the Website of the
Continuing Congress of International Direct Democracy

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     The First International Congress on Direct Democracy was convened in Pribram (a suburb of Prague), in the Czech Republic, on August 25-27, 1998.  Its participants came from 14 nations around the world.  Many participated as individual citizens of their countries while others represented a variety of universities or institutions devoted to improving democracy in their lands or across national boundaries.

    One major result was an agreement by the vast majority of delegates to continue the work of the Congress over the Internet by establishing a website as part of Teledemocracy Action News + Network (TAN+N).

    Due to time constraints, no new name was selected. There was  general agreement, though,  to simply refer to ourselves,  our global network, and our "virtual organization" -- for the time being -- as The Continuing Congress of International Direct Democracy. During the meeting, we were dragged kicking and screaming from our friendly meeting and compelled to stand in the hot sun to take a photograph--which appears below. 

Congress Members

    A Photograph of Some Members at the First International Congress on Direct Democracy in Pribram, The Czech Republic, August 25-27, 1998

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A number of things were accomplished at the First Congress.  (1) It was agreed to have a printed newsletter.  Dr. Jiri Polak, of the Czech Republic and Sweden, agreed to be its editor-in-chief and publisher.  (2) It was agreed that TAN+N should host the Continuing Congress' website.  (3) We agreed on a Preamble, that seemed to state the groups core principles.  (4) We agreed to permit George Kokkas, a lawyer in Athens, Greece, to be the host of the Second Congress.

What follows are these several sections, plus some others, that will give the reader a good idea of what the Continuing Congress is, who belongs to it, and how it is presently functioning.

1. The First Congress' Program in Pribram (1998)
2. The Preamble
3.  The Second Congress in Athens and Delphi, Greece (2000)
4. Information About the Members and Membership in CCIDD
(including email addresses and links)
5. Newsletter of Worldwide Direct Democracy
6. The Motherlode of Direct Democracy Data Bases (The University of Geneva)
7. Communications for the Continuing Congress of International Direct Democracy


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