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The Congress at Prague agreed to publish a printed quarterly newsletter that would be edited by Dr. Jiri Polak.  True to his word, the first newsletter was produced in December 1998 and was of excellent format and substantive quality.

Since then, several other editions of the WDD Newsletter have been published, with a wide variety of topics, analyses, interviews, book reviews, etc.  All are now available from Dr. Polak, including the masthead.

Since the publisher needs some funds to continue its publication, we have decided to not reproduce it entirely online.  Following is some information about subscription rates, contributions to the newsletter, and other relevant data.  Along with a segment from the newsletter.

Many have written to us by email asking for more information about what has transpired at the two DD Congresses.  The WDD Newsletter is chock full of the many discussions that illuminated some key differences between the members.   Dr. Polak has cleverly defined these differences as being between "radicals," "moderates," and "dissidents."  In the April 1999 edition, he offers some insight into the ongoing discussion on whether WDD should continue as "network" or should transform itself into more of an "organization."

In fact, at the Second Congress, a number of members decided to establish such an organization called The World Direct Democracy Movement, or WDDM.  This will undoubtedly be discussed in the Fall 2000 issue of the Newsletter and it is discussed in a news article presently up on TAN+N's "News" section with an email link.

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There were also many unresolved questions about:

check_red_clr.gif (1314 bytes)(1) How the movement will develop in the future

check_red_clr.gif (1314 bytes)(2) How the Second Congress might actually get some funding

check_red_clr.gif (1314 bytes)(3) The name of any such organization or movement

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click_here_clr.gif (8037 bytes) to go to the section on the Second Congress to see short article on these questions and how you might join our conversation.  

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