First U.S. Citizens Initiative Movement is Born: National Initiative for Democracy Starts at Williamsburg, Virginia Conference in February 2002.

Internet Organizing Against Global Corporations Continue to Gain Momentum: "Stop Esso!"
A New Way to Improve Citizens Initiatives: The Citizen Jury and the State of Washington Experiment

May 2001 Poll Shows That U.S. Citizens Favor (Yet Again) Citizens Initiatives at State and National Level

Australian Project Is the First to Link Citizens Juries + Televote Method of Deliberative Polling

Swiss Reject EU Via Citizens Initiative: Very Large Turnout

Politicians Nationwide Trying to Turn Back Direct Citizen Democracy
New Method of Scientific Deliberative Polling Yields Great Results on U.S. Budget
The "My-Democracy" Scam: How  Andersen Consulting Is Trying to Co-opt Teledemocracy


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