November 2000 Shaping Up as Big Year for Citizens Initiatives in USA

Citizens of 3 Nations to Vote on Whether to Adopt the Euro

Second Congress on International Direct Democracy Meets in Athens: Decides on New World Organization and Plans for Third Congress

Arizona Democrats First in Combining Mail + Internet Voting: Results = 600% Increase in Turnout

Direct Democracy Down Under: Important I+R Developments in NZ and Australia in late 1999

Major Japanese Referenda in January 2000

Something New in Australia and UK: People's Panels--and Maybe Official Citizens Juries Too

Big Referenda Coming Up in Italy (2000) and Puerto Rico (2001)

Big DD Conferences in 1999- 2000:From DC to Athens

Portugal Holds Its First Two National Referenda in 1998

U.S. Reform Party Decides to Select Its Presidential Candidate by Mail Ballot

USA Initiatives Soaring: Favor State Funded Political Campaigns; Environmental Conservation; Term Limits; Animal Rights & Medical Marijuana

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