The Initiative and Referendum Institute in Washington, D.C. asked the Rasmussen Poll to do a scientific survey of 1,000 Americans in May of 2001.  The object was to learn how U.S. citizens felt about citizens initiatives at the state and national level.

The poll found that 68% of the almosst 1,000 Americans surveyed said that they favored citizens initiative in their state.  In addition, 58% stated that they would like to see the same process at the national level as well.

The IRI also wanted to know how citizens felt about the many different

ways that state legislators are using to make it more difficult for citizens to get issues on the ballot, like upping the percentage of signatures required.

According to the poll, a majority of citizens were opposed to these moves by state legislators.   In addition, 2/3s felt that legislators who did this were motivated to "protect their own power."

The margin of error for this poll was +/- 3%.  For more info on it, go to /050901results.pdf


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