Ned and Pat Crosby, the two founders of the Citizen Jury (CJ) method of stratified face to face deliberation, succeeded in finding a new application.

They convinced the League of Women Voters of the State of Washington to sponsor a CJ that would examine whether or not CJs would be a useful way to examine every citizens initiative before it was put on the ballot for a public vote.

After a preliminary 2-day period where witnesses were allowed to object to this idea, the LWV voted 23-2 to go on with the project and get to the meat of the hearing: how the CJ could be of use in improving the quality of the citizen initiative process--a big issue in the United States and elsewhere.


During the last three days of the hearings, key technical witnesses testified as to how a CJ might make the wording clearer, make sure that the citizens initiative would pass court scrutiny after it was passed, etc.

The witnesses included a constitutional lawyer, a retired state planner and a former chief deputy attorney general.

After due deliberation, the CJ voted 24-1 that they wanted this new CJ process included in the citizens initiative process.  The idea is to turn the proposal into a citizens initiative and then let the public decide whether it should become the law of the State of Washington.

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