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Welcome to tannlogo.gif (640 bytes)'s new, but inevitable, section on Electronic Voting.  E-Voting is one of the hottest components in "the future of teledemocracy."
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The following are books, dissertations, experiments, articles, and reports about electronic voting:

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Electronic Voting Systems and Electronic Democracy:
A Ph.D. Dissertation by Dr. Manhard Schlifni
Technological University of Vienna
(in German)

This theoretical book on E-voting, as well as the author's website describing it, are written exclusively in German.  It is accessible at: http://members.chello.at/manhard.schlifni /Webpub/Menu/indexii.html   Dr. Schlifni is currently writing an article for this section--in English--that will summarize his ideas.  It will deal with promising defenses against electronic attacks on internet voting from home computers (viruses, Trojan Horse attacks, unwanted monitoring of encrypted vote and voter information, etc.) The security part is a comprehensive classification and overview of existing technology which could possibly enable large scale electronic elections.  Visit this site in the near future for the posting of his English version article.

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California Internet Voting Task Force Report (Jan 2000)


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Report of the National Workshop on Internet Voting (March 2000)


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