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Welcome to tannlogo.gif (640 bytes)'s new, but inevitable, section on Electronic Voting.  E-Voting is one of the hottest components in "the future of teledemocracy."

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    This segment on E-voting is not the last word or the best website on the subject.  It is meant to be a comprehensive, not complete, overview of the subject with many relevant links.  The viewer should be able to get a good feel and understanding of the field from here.  We like to make it clear throughout this website that we have a distinctive point of view and set of values that permeates our choices for what we include and say about the subject.
    So, let's be clear: We believe that at least by the year 2020, E-voting will be as accepted as a political reality as women's rights are today.  The particular uses, designs and corruption's are what must evolve.  We would like to see E-voting widespread and accessible to all who wish to use electronic means to vote from anywhere they desire.  We also believe it is important that other methods to vote are available to voters.  E-voting will have some advantages and disadvantages to some people as certain times...and so do the other methods available (mail votes, paper ballots, touch screens, ATM type machines, mechanical voting).  Our view is that the more redundancy in methods the better. This is one major avenue to greater citizen empowerment in all democracies.

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This site is currently divided into three sections.  Please choose from the following to visit each section.

Section 1: News
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