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The actual future of teledemocracy and the global democracy movement in the 21st century will be linked to a number of factors, one of which will be ideas and facts expressed in book form.  Books have always been important in the development of political theory and practical politics and they will be none the less so in the age of cyberspace, artificial intelligence, etc.   Remember--in the not too distant future--books (and book sections) will be readily downloadable from cyberspace to your own home, directly and cheaply.

TAN+N has already sprinkled throughout its webpages a number of book reviews.  Some can be found in the book review section of TAN+N2 and some others in Citizen Power.  This section will NOT contain so-called "objective" book reviews.  Instead, think of it as a network of books and authors about and in favor of Teledemocracy.  It is just another way of bringing synergy to the movement.

Moreover, when we discuss these books, we will make it easy for our visitors and/or readers to acquire them.   So, whenever possible, we will link the books to some kind of distributor.   Just click and order.  You can do it for yourself, for a friend or colleague, or to use in research, and/or teaching, and/or for guidance in doing something to further the global cause of teledemocracy.

We thought of starting this kind of section to TAN+N as we were completing our own book The Future of Teledemocracy (London: Adamantine Studies of the 21st Century and Westport, Connecticut: Praeger Publishers, July 2000).  This book contains what we consider to be a deep theoretical underpinning of this movement plus many of the projects, books and websites that are the force behind it.

So, we will start this section with it.  Thus, the first part of the section will be a presentation of the Table of Contents of the book--plus the Introductions to each part of the book (there are 3) have been scanned in and you can read them as they appear in the book and/or download them.  The second section will contain a number of pre-publication "blurbs," supportive statements from serious minded, well-known, highly accomplished professionals who are themselves either part of the movement or sympathetic to the general theory, projects and development of teledemocracy throughout the world.

After that, we will present a continually updated coterie of related books in this field, with short statements describing them and how they fit into the global democracy movement.

Finally, we have made it easy for you to order this book--either from our publisher (Greenwood/Praeger) directly, or indirectly via online bookstores like BarnesandNoble.com. We also have a way to customize a book for you if you so desire.


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