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Welcome to the Teledemocracy Action News + Network --- TAN+N the website of the Global Democracy Movement. We are primarily dedicated to the creative use of modern technologies (ICT) and face-to-face deliberative techniques in all forms that directly empower citizens to have authentic input into political systems at all levels of governance around the world.

TAN+N  also covers other genuine pro-democratic movements including those which promote direct democracy and those which struggle to gain, retain or transform representative democracy in the face of authoritarian or elitist power or from corrupting financial influences.

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TAN+N is currently divided into 7 related websites:

1. TAN+N2: the main data base describing, rating and linking its major projects and organizations (presently being updated and upgraded 2002)
2. The Continuing Congress of International Direct Democracy: A continuing, informal network of individuals and organizations around the world who meet periodically to discuss their progress and to develop collaborative projects on global direct democracy.
3. Books on the Future of Teledemocracy: Book reviews and links that are related to our key book , The Future of Teledemocracy.
4. Current and Archived News on Teledemocracy: Selected news events on developments in the USA and globally that are updated regularly.  We also have a section of past news items that are archived in the order of the year they appeared.
5. Citizen Power: This is a prototype of a webzine that was produced in 1996 that includes news, feature articles, interviews, etc. on subjects relevant to this website.  It awaits a new publisher, editor and staff to flourish in the future.
6. Featured Links: including American Talk Issues, Hazel Henderson's TAN+N Homepage, Public Interest Polling, and the Ecological and Transformational Politics (ETP) section of the American Political Science Association.
7. E-Voting: This is a new section that will confine itself to the rapidly expanding field of electronic voting, or the E-Vote.   Although there is a section in TAN+N2 on "Voting from the Home" which has many examples of E-voting in it, this section will be an update and improvement on that section.
8. Simulated Constitutional Convention: An interactive web template for informed, deliberated input from citizens to any political decision-making body--from constitutional conventions to town councils to administrative agencies.  The multi-media content is a simulated constitutional convention for the State of Alabama which was given as a political science course at Auburn University in the Spring of 2002.


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