Katy Smith

Katy SmithKaty first started swing dancing in the fall of 2006, her freshman year at Auburn high. She fell in love with the escape that swing provided from her every day life. She began teaching in the summer of 2007. Her favorite thing about swing is still the rush she feels when she disappears from real world into "Lindy World" after the very first turn. She tries to teach her students that swing isn't just about the steps, it's about having a conversation with your partner. In order to become a better social dancer and a better instructor, she has attended workshops such as Southern Belle Swing Bash, Lindy Focus, the Hop Shop, Lone Star Championships, and others.

Katy moved to Auburn when she was 7 from College Station, Texas and has lived here ever since. She is an Industrial and Systems Engineering student at Auburn University and is planning on going to grad school to eventually work in Healthcare Systems Engineering. She likes almost everything black and white, vintage pencil skirts, and sunflowers.

If you would like to contact her for a private lesson e-mail her at