Chris Olds

Chris OldsChris started swing dancing at AUSDA in 1997 and became an instructor in 1999. He believes that the best thing about swing is the endless amount of both challenges and successes that exist in swing. Like a lot of the other instructors, he wants to portray what the ability of a good connection has for a dancer, in his case, the ability to truly lead. In order to fully understand partner connection and to teach it better he has attended Atlanta Varsity Showdown, Lindy Focus, Masquerade Swing, and Atlanta Lindy Exchange, Auburn Lindy Hop Workshop in the past.

Chris is from Richmond, Kentucky but attended both Auburn High and Auburn University. He now works for the University as an IT specialist and is AUSDA's faculty advisor.

Fun fact: Chris met his wife, Laura, swing dancing at AUSDA!

If you would like to contact Chris for a private lesson e-mail him at