Ben Dill

Ben Dill thumbnailBen started dancing during his freshman year of high school. He started traveling in 2006 and began instructing in 2007. His favorite aspect of dancing is using connection to communicate, collaborate, and improvise with his partner. Musicality and relaxation in dancing are what he wants to show his class when he teaches. He strives to bring these ideas to his students through teaching moves that exemplify the underlying concepts. This shines through in the laid back attitude and emphasis on interaction in his teaching.

His favorite Atlanta event is Hop Shop since it provides a level of personal instruction he wants to bring to everyone in Auburn. Toward that goal he has recently been working with AUSDA to revamp both the beginner and intermediate curriculum for Friday night lessons. He has also recently been collaborating with new and established instructors in order to better provide consistent teaching across all levels of AUSDA lessons.

Ben is currently studying Computer Science with Auburn University and working in Network Services for the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.

If you would like to contact Ben for a private lesson e-mail him at