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  1. Academic Honesty Code
  2. Credit Hour Policy
  3. Doctoral Degree Policies
  4. Educational Specialist Degree Policies
  5. Graduate Assistantships & Fellowships Policies
  6. Graduate School Academic Progress Policies
  7. Graduate School Admissions Policies
  8. Graduate School Registration Policies
  9. Graduate School General Policies
  10. Master's Degree Policies
  11. Policy on Bachelor Degree Requirements
  12. Policy on Change of Major or Curriculum
  13. Policy on Class Attendance
  14. Policy on Classroom Behavior
  15. Policy on Credit for Directed Studies
  16. Policy on Military Science Credits
  17. Policy on Number of Final Exams in One Day
  18. Policy on the Percentage of Course Work Earned in Residence at Auburn University
  19. Policy Regarding Prohibited Harassment of Students
  20. Policy on Undergraduate Examinations
  21. Student Academic Grievance Policy
  22. Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence
  23. Transient Student Approval Policy
  24. Undergraduate Course Load Policy
  25. Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy
  26. Undergraduate Course Withdrawal Policy
  27. Undergraduate Dean's List Policy
  28. Undergraduate Policy on Appeals of Suspension


  1. Faculty Policy on Assigning Grades of Incomplete
  2. Faculty Policy on Grade Changes
  3. Grade Submission Policy
  4. Policy on a Student's Change of Address
  5. Policy on a Student's Change of Name
  6. Policy on a Student's Change of Social Security Number
  7. Policy on Military Service Credits
  8. Policy on Readmission
  9. Policy on the Confidentiality of Student Records (FERPA)
  10. Policy on Retroactive Withdrawals/Resignations and Withdrawals/Resignations after Midterm
  11. Schedule Adjustment Policy
  12. Transient Student Approval Policy
  13. Undergraduate Grade Adjustment Policy (GAP)
  14. Withdrawal and Resignation Policy

C. FINANCIAL (Back to top)

  1. Financial Information Release Policy and Procedure
  2. General Financial Aid Policies and Conditions of Awards
  3. Policy on the Direct Deposit of Student Refunds
  4. Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP)
  5. Schedule Cancellation Policy
  6. Student Financial Aid Resignation Policy
  7. Student Residency Tuition Policy
  8. Tuition Adjustment Policy for Resignations and Dropped Courses 


  1. Appropriate Use of Information Technology
  2. Electronic Privacy Policy  
  3. Eligible User Policy
  4. Student Email Policy
  5. Student Organization Web Space Policy


  1. Traffic and Parking Regulations


  1. Residence Hall Alcohol and Drug Policy
  2. Residence Hall Commercial Activity and Solicitation Policy
  3. Residence Hall Compliance Policy
  4. Residence Hall Decorations and Furnishings Policy
  5. Residence Hall Health, Safety, and Wellness Policy
  6. Residence Hall Key and Hall Access Policy
  7. Residence Hall Noise Policy
  8. Residence Hall Pet Policy
  9. Residence Hall Room and Suite Entry, Inspection, and Search Policy
  10. Residence Hall Trash and Recycling Policy
  11. Residence Hall Visitation and Guest Policy

G. STUDENT CONDUCT (Back to top)

  1. Anti-Hazing Policy
  2. Athletic Event Alcohol Policy
  3. Campus Alcohol Policy
  4. Copyright Policy
  5. Code of Student Conduct
  6. Drug-Free Campus and Workplace Policy
  7. Patent Policy
  8. Policy on Campus Advertising and Distribution
  9. Speech and Demonstration Policy
  10. SGA Code of Laws
  11. Policy on Parent Notification of Alcohol and Drug Incidents
  12. Smoking Policy
  13. Trademark and Licensing Policy

H. SAFETY (Back to top)

  1. Animals on Campus Policy
  2. Biohazardous Materials Policy
  3. Explosives Use and Storage Policy
  4. Fetal Risk Policy
  5. Fire Safety Policy
  6. Laboratory Visitors Policy
  7. Radiation Safety Policy
  8. Safety and Health Policy Statement
  9. Safety Enforcement Policy
  10. Smoking Policy
  11. Video Surveillance Policy
  12. Weapons Policy

This eHandbook was designed to replace the policy publication function of the Tiger Cub. The links posted here direct the user to official University Policy Documents. University Policies housed on other Auburn University websites, handbooks, manuals, guides and publications do not carry the full force of the University.

Questions regarding specific University Policies should be directed to the office responsible for administering that policy.

Policy administrators should contact the University Policy Coordinator regarding Auburn University's Policy on Policies​ and the policy adoption, revision, and withdrawal processes.

University Policy Coordinator
(334) 844.5176

*NOTE: University Policy documents are not contracts. The Auburn University Board of Trustees and authorized Executive Officers of the University maintain exclusive discretion to exercise the customary functions of institutional management to revise University Policies as they deem appropriate.

Last Updated: December 18, 2017