2013 Friend of Aubie General Information

Up front you should know that you are trying out to be a "Friend of Aubie." We call it being Aubie's Friend because saying that anyone is Aubie takes away the mystique and curiosity that comes with creating a character. You should understand that being a "Friend of Aubie" is an amazing experience but secrecy within the program is held at a premium, because no one should know that you play Aubie.

If selected, Aubie must be your 1st priority, second only to school. To tryout you must be a student currently enrolled at Auburn University, which means that you must be at least freshman status during the semester of your tryout. You must be in good academic standing, which means that your cumulative GPA must be a 2.25 or higher. Upon selection as mascot, a mascot may not make below a 2.25 cumulative grade point average in order to stay as mascot. All Friends of Aubie must live in Auburn during the summer and, of course, during the regular school year. the students who served as mascots the previous year are eligible to serve as Mascot the following year, with a maximum of two years of service; any student who has served as Director of Aubie at any time during the preceding years is ineligible to try out for mascot; Becoming a Friend of Aubie is no easy task. The tryout process is very structured and is designed to develop the best-fit as a Friend of Aubie. To tryout, you must attend an Orientation session and a four-day Aubie Clinic. In addition, you may attend a Skit Workshop, but this is optional.

The actual tryout itself is a three-step process where you must make it past each round to move forward. The first round is a skit portion, where each contestant is allowed to perform his own pre-prepared skit, the second round is an impromptu section, and the final round is an interview. There are three Friends of Aubie selected each year. The three chosen mascots shall work together to fulfill all the responsibilities required of the mascot.

Aubie Pre-Tryout Information

Orientations (must attend at least one)

Orientation is an info session about the Aubie tryout process. In it, we will discuss all aspects of the tryout process, including: Skits, Impromptu, and more. In addition, you will learn the requirements and commitments needed to become a Friend of Aubie. You must attend at least one Orientation session to try out.

Skit Workshop - (Optional)

The skit workshop is a brief tutorial on how to develop an Aubie quality skit. You will learn about skit making, how to develop a central theme, some basic prop building techniques, and the do's-and-don'ts to performing a quality skit. This workshop is optional but it is highly recommended that you attend as skit making is an essential part of your role as a Friend of Aubie.

Aubie Clinic (Mandatory)

Aubie Clinic is mandatory from 6:00-7:00 each night, all other attendance not mandatory but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Clinic will prepare you for tryouts and to be a Friend of Aubie. You will learn the Aubie character, walk, and emotions. There will be skit and impromptu exercises. Further, you will have one-on-one time with former "Friends of Aubie".

Aubie Tryout Information: (Tryouts are open to the public)

Skit Performance (Participants must have completed all Pre-Tryout Requirements)

  • Each contestant must present a 2 minute skit. The skit needs to have a theme.
  • Contestants are judged on creativity, theme, prop usage, character development, and overall impression.
  • Skit General Rules:
  • There is to be a maximum of 10 props to be used during the two minute skit and props may be no larger than 5'x5'x5'
  • Each skit may be no longer the 2 minutes with an additional of 1 minute for set up and 1 minute to break down.
  • There will be a maximum of 2 people allowed to help Aubie with each skit. This includes any role in setting up props, taking down props, or acting in the skit.
  • Each prop will be measured before the skit competition begins. Any prop that does not meet the requirements will not be allowed on the floor.
  • If any part of your uniform/costume is taken off it must be immediately put down. If you use it in your skit it becomes part of your props.
  • A prop may not have any flaps or attachments that exceed the prop to more than 5 feet at any time. Props may not be stacked together or attached in any way to exceed 5 feet.
  • "Clapping Hands" or "Poms" are considered one prop.
  • Each item that is thrown into the crowd will count as one prop. (Ex. If 4 t-shirts are thrown into the crowd, that will count as 4 of your props)
  • The use of pyrotechnics, fire extinguishers, extension cords, and motors will be prohibited.
  • Following this skit there is a callback, where those that are selected to compete in the second day of competition are notified.

Impromptu: (Contestants are those called back from the Skit Performance Round)

  • The second day is an impromptu performance. For 3-5 minutes each contestant is asked to display their "Aubie skills" with several props and music to go along with those props. Impromptu is judged on each contestant's ability to emulate Aubie, prop usage, creativity and once again, overall impression.
  • Following the impromptu there is a callback where those that are selected to move on to the interview portion of tryouts are notified.

Interviews: (Contestants are those called back from the Impromptu Round)
  • Interviews are held quickly after the impromptu in the Auburn University Student Center
  • Dress is business professional

The dates for the 2013 Aubie Tryout Information Sessions are as follows:

Everything you need to know will be covered in the Orientation Sessions

Orientation Session Information:
Wednesday, February 27 from 5:00 - 6:00 pm in AU Student Center room 2109
Thursday, February 28 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm in AU Student Center room 2218
Monday, March 4 from 8:00 - 9:00 pm in AU Student Center room 2218
Tuesday, March 5 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm in AU Student Center room 2227
Tuesday, March 19 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm in AU Student Center room 2218
*On March 19, there will also be an optional skit clinic from 8:00-9:00 pm in AUSC 2218
***Attendance is required at one of the Orientation Sessions in order to try out


  • Following Callouts there will be a banquet at a pre-determined place to celebrate becoming a Friend of Aubie.

Attached is a copy of the Student Government Association's section of the Code of Laws which pertains to Aubie Selections

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