Name: Aubie the Tiger
Position: Auburn's mascot
Hometown: Auburn, AL

SGA Directors

Name: Caroline McGill
Position: Director of Aubie
Hometown: Augusta, GA
Major: International Business

"I have loved Aubie and his cute shenanigans ever since I was a little girl and now I get to work with him all the time. Talk about living the dream!"

Name: Madison Clark
Position: Director of Aubie
Hometown: Alabaster, AL
Major: Anthropology

"I am so honored and excited to be able to work alongside Aubie this year! He is so precious and everyone loves him! Being a part of the Aubie family has been one of my favorite experiences at Auburn!"

Name: Taylor Prouty
Position: Director of Aubie
Hometown: Spanish Fort, AL
Major: Communication

"Working with Aubie is literally the best job in the world! I'm so blessed to have this position and be a part of the Aubie Program. It's truly made my Auburn experience unforgettable!"


Name: Michael Reynolds
Position: Aubie Advisor
Hometown: Auburn, AL

Aubie is not merely a mascot; he is a major ambassador for Auburn University. His magnetism is unexplainable-he is loved by 2 year olds, teenagers, sorority girls, fraternity guys as well as senior citizens. Aubie is the perfect representative of all things Auburn.

Name: Corey Edwards
Position: Aubie Advisor
Hometown: Alpharetta, GA

Name: Logan Matthews
Position: Graduate Assistant
Hometown: Huntsville, AL

Aubie is the living creed for which Auburn stands. His charm and class are only matched by his pride in the Auburn family. He is an exceptional character few can ignore and as humorous, witty and stylish as they come.

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