National Competitions/Awards

UCA Mascot Championships

Aubie competes nationally in competitions throughout the year. He has been most successful competing in the Universal Cheerleaders Association competition that takes place during the spring. He has become famous for not only competing but winning. Winning 7 national championships is the winningest mascot in collegiate history.

Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge

Along with competing in the UCA competition, Aubie has been selected 6 times as part of the Capital One All-American Mascot team. It is a competition based on voting tallies that takes place over the course of 15 weeks during the regular College Football season. Although, never having won the competition, he still takes pride in being selected to represent Auburn in this capacity. Aubie was not selected as part of this year's Mascot Challenge, but he looks forward to being chosen again in the future!

Aubie was also selected into the Collegiate mascot Hall of Fame. In 2006, Aubie was the first ever Collegiate mascot selected.

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