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Aubie News
Aubie on stage during UCA national championship
Picture by Rebekah Weaver
In Seventh Heaven
January 19, 2012

Once again, Aubie's come out head and tail above the competition.
Aubie competed in the 2012 Universal Cheerleaders Association National Mascot Competittion Jan. 13 in Orlando.
Aubie Wins 7th National Championship
Aubie Wins 7th National Championship

by Caroline Harrell
January 13, 2012

Auburn's beloved mascot may not have come out on top in last month's Capital One Mascot Challenge, but he now has a reason to celebrate. Aubie was crowned National Champion tonight by the Universal Cheerleading Association for the 7th time.
Aubie's skit at the UCA national championship
Picture by Rebekah Weaver
Watch Aubie's championship winning skit

by Staff TWER TV
January 18, 2012

We're not sure when mascots began being measured by their ability to cram as many pop-culture references inside a two minute skit, but as long as they are, Aubie should win the UCA national championship every year...
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