Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Office of Student Involvement?
A: The Office of Student Involvement is home to many of Auburn’s involvement organizations and programs (Student Government Association, University Program Council, Center for Community Service, Center for Leadership & Ethics, Center for Student Organizations, Intercultural Programs, Student Media, & Welcome Week). The mission of the Office of Student Involvement is to engage and empower students by providing developmental opportunities that enhance individual learning and leadership through a diverse student-centered environment.

Q: Where is the Office of Student Involvement located?
A: The Office of Student Involvement is located in Suite 3130 of the Student Center.

Q: What if I have questions about what organizations I should join and how I can get involved?
A: The Involvement Ambassadors serve as a resource for any student or student organization seeking assistance in finding opportunities for involvement. The Involvement Ambassadors provide one-on-one consultations with students as well as workshops for larger groups. To schedule a consultation or workshop e-mail

Q: What is AUinvolve?
A: AUinvolve is the new online system for all involvement on campus. Students may browse and join organizations, find events to attend, communicate with other students in organizations, create a co-curricular transcript, and much more.

Q: What are immediate ways for involvement as a freshman?
A: Freshmen are encouraged to start their involvement experience as soon as they arrive to Camp War Eagle. Freshmen can log on to AUinvolve ( now and complete the interest inventory to discover what involvement opportunities best fit their personal interests. Several programs within the Office of Student Involvement have applications for immediately when students arrive to campus in August. Freshman Leadership Programs, iLead Leadership Conference, and University Program Council (UPC) have applications available for membership available on August 1st.  Students interested in working with any of the Student Media Organizations are also able to begin involvement with those groups immediately in August.

Q: What are Organizations Days?
A: Organizations Days (O-Days) are sponsored by the Center for Student Organizations every week. These days allow students interested in getting plugged in with one of the 375+ student organizations on campus an opportunity to meet their members and learn what each club has to offer. O-Days will take place the first week of class (August 21-23) and every Wednesday for the remainder of the fall semester.

Q: How can I find out about applications for upcoming involvement opportunities?
A: Applications for many involvement opportunities can be found on AUinvolve. To access applications, locate the organization’s, in which you want to apply, page on AUinvolve. Click on “Forms” on the left side of the page.¬† Involvement opportunities within the Office of Student Involvement are also posted on our website,

Q: Is there a GPA requirement for involvement?
A: All programs within the Office of Student Involvement require students to maintain a 2.5 Cumulative GPA.

Q: What is the average time commitment?
A: Time commitment varies by the level of your involvement. Many organizations host events that all students are encouraged to attend that would be a one-time commitment, while others require a little more of a commitment. Most organizations with the Office of Student Involvement have weekly meetings that require on average 3 hours of outside work for members. Leaders in each organization spend much more time planning for meetings and keeping their organization on task and organized.

Q: Are there any costs associated with involvement?
A: Most involvement opportunities within the Office of Student Involvement are funded by Student Activity Fees so there may not be any out-of-pocket expense for students. Some programs and organizations require dues for membership.

Q: Are involvement opportunities open to Graduate Students?
A: Yes! While there may be some restrictions for membership, all full time students are able to participate in programs and activities within the Office of Student Involvement.