Organizations Fund Information

The Organizations Fund is available to Active student organizations each year through the Center for Student Organizations budget.  The Organizations Fund can be used only by Permanent student organizations. Before an organization can receive funding, they must present the CSO with a Tax ID Number and proof of the expenses. Organizations must be able to purchase all approved expenses up front and will only be reiumburesed for the amount of money spent on approved expenses.

Apply for Funding

The Center for Student Organizations provides all student organizations with a list of Funding Guidelines they must follow. To review the types of funding available and the guidlines click here.

Completed applications must be turned in to the Center for Student Organizations through AUinvolve. Requests must be submitted by the Primary Contact of your organization.   A representative of the organization will be invited to the Organizations Fund Hearing where the Student Organizations Board will review the request. The representative will be given the opportunity to explain the request and answer any questions the Student Organizations Board may have.

If you have questions about the Organizations Fund, please contact the Center for Student Organizations at 334-844-4788.