Meet the Involvement Ambassadors

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Dillon Nettles, President
Daniela Munoz, Vice President of Programs
Cristina Azcoitia, Vice President of Resources
Taryn Wilson,Vice President of Administratio
Ciara Kidd, Director of Research & Development
Alex Barnett, Director of Special Events

Nicole Moneyham, Director of the Involvement Awards
Elizabeth Jones, Director of Student Development
James Prewitt, Director of Organization Outreach
Jasmine Pettaway, Director of New Organization Development
Adam Bashir, Programs
Garrett Payne, Programs
Jonathan Kittle, Programs
Laura Slade, Programs
Macey Cleary, Programs
Parker Pippen, Programs
Allison Stewart, Resources
Brandon Russell, Resources
Brianna Daniels, Resources
Garrett Wilson, Resources
Kathleen Jaboonath, Resources
Lauren Tepool, Resources