Start a New Organization

Thank you for your interest in becoming a registered student organization at Auburn University!  Numerous organizations with a variety of interests and goals are available for students at Auburn and yours can add to this exciting mix of opportunities for student membership.

Click here to download the Provisional Status Information Packet with helpful resources to aid in your application process.

Be sure to include all information requested on the organization checklist, including copies of your organization’s constitution and bylaws.  The registration process is run entirely through AUinvolve. A description of the necessary information that is required to apply for a probationary character is included in this packet.

Once you have completed compiling the required information, you may submit it to the Center for Student Organizations online through AUinvolve. After your application has been reviewed a representative of your organization and your advisor will then be scheduled to appear before the Student Organizations Board.

Should you have any questions regarding student organizations at Auburn University, consult the Frequently Asked Questions insert of this packet or contact the Center for Student Organizations.  Good luck with your application process!