Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who must apply to become a recognized AU student organization?
A: Any group of 10 or more currently enrolled Auburn University students who refer to themselves as an organization or club must apply to be recognized with the Center for Student Organizations (CSO). This does not include Student Activity Projects or the Greek Life organizations which fall under different departments.

Q: What is the difference between a Provisional and Permanent organization?
A: An organization is given one year of provisional status before becoming an officially recognized AU student organization and the granting of Permanent status by Organizations Board and the Student Senate. During the Provisional period, the organization must demonstrate the following in order to apply for Permanent status: 1.) Its value through worthwhile group enterprises and activities 2.) Sound financial policies 3.) That it has met all the requirements to remain a recognized AU student organization. Organizations on provisional status are eligible for all benefits with the exception of the ability to apply for Organizations Fund monies. Only Permanent organizations are eligible to apply. An organization remains Permanent as long as they meet the annual requirements to remain a recognized AU student organization. .

Q: How long do I maintain Provisional status as an organization?
A: An organization must remain on Provisional status for one year from the date the organization’s Provisional status was approved by the Center for Student Organizations.  After that one year deadline expires, the student organization will have a maximum of six months to apply for Permanent status. Organizations can contact the Center for Student Organizations to request the paperwork to apply for Permanent status. Organizations who fail to apply for Permanent status within six months will be placed on Inactive status.

Q: What happens if an organization does not meet the requirements to stay a recognized AU student organization?
A: A Provisional or Permanent student organization that does not meet the requirements is placed on Probationary status. The organization loses all privileges of a recognized AU student organization. An organization that remains on Probationary status for a period exceeding two consecutive years becomes Inactive.

Q: What is the Presidents’ Meeting?
A: Presidents’ Meeting is a required informational meeting for each organization’s
President held at the beginning of the fall semester & a make-up meeting in the spring. If the president is unable to attend at the scheduled time of the meeting, then they may send a representative. The meeting date and time is announced through AUinvolve.

Q: What is an Event Registration Form?
A:Organizations should register all of their events through AUinvolve. To do so, students with proper administrative privileges for their organization page may create an event from your organizations main page.

Any event that is serving as an official organizational function should be recorded through AUinvolve. Not only does this process register your event with our office, it allows your members to have access to your event calendar through AUinvolve.

Any event taking place on Auburn’s campus that is not a reoccurring event (general meeting) should be registered with Auburn University’s Office of Communications and Marketing through This process should be done in advance. Specific guidelines are available at

Q: How to I log in to AUinvolve?
A: Go to Click on Log In on the top Right Corner. Use your Auburn University Username/Password

Q: After I log in what do I do?
A; The first step is updating your profile information. The easiest way to do this is start with your profile picture and work your way down all of the reminders on the left side of the home page. (Edit Profile, Privacy, Notifications, and Interests). In order to get the full experience of AUinvolve it is important to complete all aspects of the profile stage. (Be sure to leave your e-mail notifications on for it will be a main source of organizational communication)

Q: I am already a member of an organization but I am not showing up on the roster.
A; After you log in, click on the organizations tab on the top. You can then find your organization by using the directory, searching, by categories, or by recommendations based off of your interests. Once you find your organization click “Join Organization”. Pending on the type of organization, you may be immediately added or need the primary contact to approve. If the listed primary contact is not correct, contact John-Michael Roehm,

Q: I am a part of an organization that I do not want the public to know I am in, can I hide my participation?
A: Privacy is extremely important to us and we respect your wishes to maintain a confidential presence on the internet. To “hide” your participation in any organization click on “Set your profile privacy settings for security” on the home page.  Then select “Organization Roster Settings” at the bottom of the page. You are then able to toggle “Show/Hide” for each of the organizations you are a part of. This will not allow the public to see your participation in a certain organization.

Q: I am my organizations current leader but not listed on their AUinvolve page, what should I do?
A: More than likely your organization did not update their information with the Center for Student Organizations. There are 2 ways to become the primary contact for your organization. 1- If “Register This Organization” shows up under the organization search results or on the organization page, complete the registration process and you will automatically be granted administrative privileges. 2- If the registration option is not available, contact John-Michael Roehm,, to update your information.

Q: I really like AUinvolve; can someone come train my organization members on how to use it?
A: Absolutely! The Involvement Ambassadors are here to assist you in any way as we transition to this new system. E-mail to schedule a session.

Q: How do I find more information about events on the Flyer Board?
A; Once you click on a flyer you are interested in you will be given a brief snapshot of what the event is. If you want to RSVP or find out more details, click on view details. You can also click on “I attended” to add certain events to your co-curricular transcript.

Q: How do I put my event on the Flyer Board? 
A; Organization leaders who are granted administrative access to their page can add events to the flyer board.  On your organization page click on “events” on the left side. You are then able to see all of your organization events or create a new event. When creating an event be sure to complete all of the information and attach a flyer (or image). Without a flyer attached your event will not show up on the Flyer Board.