The Center for Student Organizations provides opportunities for students to get plugged in with over 400 registered student organizations. Student Organizations are designed to maximize and enhance the Auburn experience. Students will find many opportunities to build friendships, enjoy rewarding experiences, and make lasting memories. Most of these organizations are open to any interested Auburn University student. To find a full listing of organizations and build a profile to assist in finding organizations and events that fit your interests, log on to www.auburn.edu/auinvolve.

The Involvement Ambassadors also serve as a resource for any student or student organization seeking assistance in finding opport unities for involvement. The Involvement Ambassadors provide one-on-one consultations with students as well as workshops for larger groups. To schedule a consultation or workshop e-mail involve@auburn.edu.


John-Michael Roehm
Coordinator, Center for Student Organizations

Janise McKenzie
Graduate Assistant, Center for Student Organizations