Challenge Fellows

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Jessica Adams
Major and Year: Microbiology with a
minor in Hunger Studies; Sophomore

Interests: Reading, Volunteering, TED Talks

Emily Arzonico
Major: Biomedical Sciences

Year: Senior
Interests: Traveling

Shelby Cole
Major and Year: Human Development (Minors: Psychology, Philanthropy and Nonprofit), Senior

Interests: Reading, Swimmming, Biking

Jacob Dean
Major: Political Science/History
Year: Senior
Interests: Politics, Farm Life and History

Nicole Moneyham
Major: Communication with a Minor
in Marketing Year: Junior
Interests: Event Planning and Fashion

Daniela Munoz Rogers
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Year: Junior
Interests: On-Campus Involvement

Dillon Nettles
Major: Political Science
Year: Junior
Interests: Politics, Travel and Food

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Nicholson
Major: Political Science with minors in Hunger Studies
Year: Junior
Interests: Skiing, Hiking, Yoga and Health

Alyse Taylor Scott
Major: Human Development and
Family Studies Year: Sophomore
Interests: Soccer, Hiking and Reading

Brandon Steverson
Major: Accounting
Year: Junior
Interests: Sports, Running and Reading

Sarah Whitmore
Major: Biomedical Sciences/Public Health
Year: Sophomore
Interests: Adventure

Augustine Ahn
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Year: Senior
Interests: Hiking, Biking and Doodling

Ashley Edwards
Major: Social Work
Year: Junior
Interests: Poetry

Mary Graves
Major: Nutrition Science
Year: Sophomore
Interests: Traveling, Reading, Haiti and Fighting Hunger

JaMichael James
Major: Information Systems Management
Year: Senior
Interests: Technology, Leadership and
Trying New Things

Jordan Leigh Rocker
Major: International Business and Finance
Year: Sophomore
Interests: Softball & Committee of 19

Sara Rains
Major: Nutrition and Horticulture
Year: Sophomore
Interests: Volunteering, ONE Campus
Challenge, TED

Sam Wilcox
Major: History
Year: 2015
Interests: Reading and Cycling

Kathlina (Katy) Roat
Major: Quantitative Economics, Spanish
Year: Sophomore
Interests: Travel, Writing, Public Speaking

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