Sara Rains Interview

Sara Rains
Major and Year: Dual Major in Nutrition and Horticulture, Minor in Hunger Studies,(class of 2016); Sophomore
Interests: Reading, Volunteering, ONE Campus Challenge, TED talks

What global challenge(s) are you most interested in and why?

Food is one of the most basic expectations of the human race. To live in a world with enough food and not meet that expectation is unacceptable. Hunger affects everything from health, to education, to economic success, and it is a problem that can be found almost anywhere. The exciting fact is, however, that we have the ability to solve this problem and change billions of lives. All of the global challenges are extremely interrelated, though, so my interest has grown significantly in all of the challenge areas.

How can students at Auburn University contribute to the Leadership Challenge?

Get involved. There are countless opportunities at Auburn for students to make a difference both locally and globally. Organizations such as the ONE Campaign, Committee of 19, Students for Education Reform, and more, are all changing the face of a global issue. Every person has something unique to offer, so start with joining an organization or volunteering regularly to see where your passions lie, then pursue them.

Last Updated: Oct. 8, 2013

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