JaMichael James Interview

JaMichael James
Major and Year: Information Systems Management Spring '15; Senior
Interests: Technology, Leadership, Trying New Things

What global challenge(s) are you most interested in and why?

The global challenge that I am most interested in is education. The emphasis we put on education now directly affects the future success of our nation and the world. There are too many students who do not graduate from high school- and even though many others do, they are not equipped with the proper knowledge to be successful in college. I believe that the solution to every problem in the world today is education - not only basic subjects as math, science, and reading; but also education of others cultures and the world around them. If the world had a stronger educational base then there would be a more cures, no poverty, no discrimination, and no war.

How can students at Auburn University contribute to the Leadership Challenge?

A great starting point for all students to contribute to the Leadership Challenge is to find out what challenges they are passionate about. There are tons of resources on campus to learn about health, hunger, education, and many others issues. Finding what you are passionate about will lay the foundation for you become a leader in contributing towards some of the world's biggest issues. Also, reach out to any of the fellows to find out more ways you can get involved!

Last Updated: Oct. 8, 2013

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