Emily Arzonico Interview

Emily Arzonico
Major and Year: Emily Arzonico; Senior
Interests: Traveling

What global challenges are you interested in and why?

I am interested in Global Health. Every human being deserves the right to a healthy and happy life. With such advanced medical technology in our society today, it is a shame that so many people across the globe are dying from completely preventable or curable ailments. I wish to spread the message of global health and to take personal strides to reach out to those most in need all over the world. Whether this be educating communities on how to prevent disease, advising patients, or bringing medical care to those in need, I will always be contributing to this important cause.

How can students at Auburn University contribute to the Leadership Challenge?

I think the most important thing that Auburn students can do to contribute to the Leadership Challenge is to listen. Throughout this program, we have been given a wealth of knowledge that means nothing if it is not shared with others. There are so many social injustices in the world that we are unaware of living our comfortable lifestyle here at Auburn University. I have learned so much through the Challenge and I hope that spreading the word on these issues will not only educate our students, but also invoke a desire inside them to make a difference. I would ask students to learn as much as they can and then take their knowledge and ask themselves what they can do to make a change.

Last Updated: Oct. 8, 2013

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