welcome to the world of dallas

<><>my name is dallas chambers and i am a sophomore in human development and family studies.  i am doing my arc project at family & children's services in opelika, a part of east alabama mental health.  my mentor is an incredibly intelligent child psychiatric nurse named susan smith, and i am her right arm.

<><>i am originally from dothan, alabama and i have recently gotten into photography and playing guitar.  i also recently earned the title of managing editor of the glomerata-- auburn university's yearbook.  (i graduated from being athletics editor.)  i like to take trips wherever i haven't been, and even to places i already have been, provided they are cool enough to revisit.  i love to go whitewater rafting and i plan to go at least once this summer.  six flags sounds reasonable too.  i love to go to the lake, and generally doing most anything spontaneous. i also plan on going to lots of concerts this summer.

<><>here is a picture of my good friend david crawford, the musical genius.  he taught me practically everything i know about music.  remember his name-- he will be famous one day, i swear. i record all his music just as fast as he can write it. he has the most incredibly hilarious sense of humor, and he fits the role of "red-headed punk" magnificently.

<><>here is winnie.  she has been my best friend since we were in seventh grade.  she loves me when i am relatively normal and she loves me when i go insane.  that's what best friends are for.  she will be one of my new roommates starting in august.  if you see her around campus, help her out because she is new to auburn, and besides that, she is a moron.  love you, chic.


<><>here is my friend adam, who is my honorary little brother.  i have the authority to tell him what to do.  he is allowed to pick on me and try to beat me up, but i always win.   he somehow finds out lots of cool secret things, like where this cool firetower is and where that guy james went, and he always ends up making sure i get home safely.

<><>here is tiffany, my roommate until august.  it's not my fault her dog is incredibly hairy. we have been roomies for two years.  we are pictured on the banks of the chattooga river in south carolina-- where the movie "deliverence" was filmed. loads of class V rapids-- I highly recommend it! sometimes she wakes me up in the middle of the night because she "has" to go to wal-mart or to get a milkshake or oranges or something insane.  that's alright-- remember the spontaneity thing?

<><>here is rachel.  she is incredibly awesome and we love to party together. you rule, rae!  oh yeah, she'll be a famous author one day, and she has promised to say hey to me at the beginning of each of her novels.  hey, wouldn't be great if you based a character on me?  i have an "interesting" personality....

<><>this is my boss, susan who kicks butt. we work together everyday and we basically never leave the other's side while we are at work. my job is to help her get ready for all the clinics that we do for the kids in lee, chambers, russell, and tallapoosa counties. there is at least one each week. we also see that none of the several hundred children we serve run out of medication and that they are not having any side effects. we also handle emergencies, and hospitalize if necessary. it is insanity!

<><> here is prissy a.k.a. "miss priss."  she works at the front desk and she beats people up at the ballpark.  use caution-- she is feisty. her hobbies include hanging up on people that are rude to her, and making sure all the little league team pictures are taken care of.

<><>here is a picture of dr. dante burgos, the child psychiatrist that works clinics with us. he does checkups on the kids every few months and prescribes their meds and makes sure they are doing okay and not getting into too much trouble. when he admits a kid to the psych unit at eamc, susan goes there every morning and checks on the kid's disposition. he rules, especially because he is going to cut down the "welcome to dallas" city limits sign and mail it to me. (he is moving to texas.)

<><>here is a picture of becky adams, a girl that used to be a therapist intern at family & children's services. when her internship was up, she moved to washington state and got a therapist's job there, close to her boyfriend. we still keep in touch, and she gives lots of relationship advice. here we are at the 1999 christmas party for fcs.

<><>this is a picture of my friend rod and his girlfriend meredith at a sorority ball. his favorite thing to do is make fun of me and he does a good job at it. sometimes he acts like an idiot. he is in industrial design, which means sometimes he spends a hella long time making drawings and models and stuff. his best friend's name is israel.

<><>this is ed, the lead singer of the band live.  they came to auburn on may 18th, 2000 and i went with robin, winnie, and her friend from judson, amanda. we sat on the third row and we would have had backstage passes if jon davis had've stayed where we told him to. 

<><>here is a picture of my brother kennon and me on 4th of july in 1999, the last picture of me made before i had my wreck. i was wearing that shirt in the wreck and i still have it even though it is all cut up and bloodstained. my brother is a cool kid and he loves to play baseball-- this is his 9th year. he usually starts at catcher or third base.

<><>this is a picture of me and my cousin courtney at the cherry blossom festival in macon, ga this past march. courtney is 12 days younger than me, so we grew up like sisters and i love her to death. i usually go to the cherry blossom festival every year because her dad (my uncle) is a famous artist there and he has a booth set up there and does live remotes there for his tv show. his name is mark ballard.

<><>this is a picture of me at the crack of dawn one of the days we were handing out yearbooks in may. i worked really hard on the athletics section and i was really excited to be able to see the finished product.


<><>here are some of the best songs ever written:

  • "one" by u2

  • "stairway to heaven" by led zepplin

  • "back you up" by the dave matthews band

  • "mysterious ways" by u2

  • "the christmas song" by the dave matthews band

  • "you're starting to know what to do" by david crawford

  • "fur elise" by beethoven

  • "looking down" by david crawford

  • what i call "46" by chopin

  • what i call "music box" by david crawford

<><>here are a few things i would change in the world if i had the power:

  • the oakland athletics would wear black cleats.

  • outfielders would be allowed to smack fans in the head if they steal a fly ball that the player could have caught.

  • no one would be allowed to serve really gross fancy food at parties-- no one really knows what is in it so they won't eat it, and neither will i.

  • macgyver would return as the most popular tv show-- that guy rules.

  • the pool at my apartment would not close until 11 or 12 pm instead of 9.

  • i would shrink david and all his instruments and keep them in my pocket so he could play for me anytime.

  • sliced chicken used as lunch meat would be outlawed. it scares me.

thanks for visiting guys, and have a great day. email me if you want.

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