The Auburn University Gay-Straight Alliance


Okay, so you've finally gotten to college (or maybe you've been here awhile) and by some Internet magic, you've found this website, presumably on purpose. Curious? Good. Because if you've never been involved with a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) before, you may have some fears of what you might see at a meeting. And let me guess, it’s something along the lines of every embarrassing gay stereotype known to man? Nah, that’s just on TV.
In real life, a GSA is just an organization of like-minded students. Now you might be wondering what to expect at meetings. In addition to a weekly discussion topic, the floor is open to members to discuss things either that they find interesting or things that they need to talk about. Afterwards, everyone is invited to go out to dinner.
So, don’t think of Spectrum as “the gay group.” Spectrum is an organization of students who happen to be straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Spectrum welcomes anyone interested in issues relating to sexuality and gender, with the caveat that meetings are confidential. This is to ensure the privacy of all of our members. 
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