OAC Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Outdoor Adventure Club is to provide regular outdoor activities, promote interest in the outdoor activities, and encourage the practice of limited impact outdoor ethics for Auburn University students. These goals shall be achieved through club meetings and activities, such as those on the proposed events list.

The OAC is the perfect organization.

Social Interaction + Extreme Fun = Unforgettable.
College is about meeting new people, discovering new places and ideas, and engaging in brand-new experiences all while having a blast! Rather than restrict yourself to just chilling with people of a certain major, sex, hobby, or political affiliation, branch out and explore the rich social diversity of the OAC! Meet girls and guys from all different majors, states, and grade-levels while having fun exploring all the beauty and excitement the world has to offer as you create memories that will last a lifetime!

No Commitments.
No time, money, or participation commitments are required. You only go on the trips you want to go on. If you have a tough semester, you don't have to go on any trips. If next semester you have tons of free time, you can go on ALL of the trips if you so desire. We only have 1 hour-long meeting a month, and even that is optional!

Affordable for Everyone.
Dues are only $35 for the entire year, one of the lowest out of over 300 campus organizations! Upon paying dues, you also receive a free OAC Nalgene, car magnet, and sticker, free rentals of anything in our club's massive outdoor gear collection, discounts at local outdoors stores like True Adventure Sports and Mountain High Outfitters, and priority over non-members for trips. Most trips are free and the ones that aren't (such as the skydiving and 4-day snowboarding trip) are severely subsidized through our organization's exclusive connections with outdoors companies and ability to acquire unbeatable group rates.

No Experience Required.
None of the awesome trips we lead require any sort of previous experience or minimum skill level. In fact, most people who participate in our trips are doing that activity for the very first time in their lives. Our trip leaders are always masters of the activity they're planning, so they'll be able to show you the ropes and help you to become an expert yourself if you so desire. If you've ever wanted to try out something new or simply gain more experience in a particular outdoor activity, the OAC is the perfect way to do so!

Unparalleled Adventures.
The OAC is not a one trick pony. We are not the sailing club, the equestrian association, the rowing team, the ultimate frisbee group, that philanthropist sorority you heard about, or even the environmental impact organization. We are ALL of those organizations and more! Every year we have done a trip that has never been offered to Auburn students before and we plan to continue that tradition. Whether it's skydiving, snowboarding, caving, backpacking, rock climbing, ziplining, whitewater rafting, or simply overnight camping, the OAC offers something for everyone and for all skill levels!

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War Eagle!
Derrick Stone
OAC President