Board of Trustees

UNDER THE ORGANIC and statutory laws of Alabama, Auburn University is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of one member from each congressional district, as these districts were constituted on January 1, 1961, an extra member from the congressional district in which the institution is located, and the Governor and State Superintendent of Education, who are members ex officio. The Governor is President. Trustees are appointed by the Governor, by and with the consent of the State Senate, and hold office for a term of twelve years, and until their successors are appointed and qualified. Members of the board receive no compensation. By executive order of the Governor in 1971, a non-voting student representative selected by the Student Senate serves as a member ex officio.

The Board of Trustees places administrative authority and responsibility in the hands of an administrative officer at Auburn University. The institution is grouped for administrative purposes into divisions, colleges, schools and departments.


Members Ex Officio

DON SIEGELMAN, Governor of Alabama, President, Montgomery

EDWARD R. RICHARDSON, State Superintendent of Education, Montgomery

SGA President, non-voting, Main Campus

Student Body Representative, non-voting, Auburn University at Montgomery


Appointed Members

Terms Ending In 1999

BESSIE MAE HOLLOWAY, Prichard, First Congressional District


Terms Ending In 2003

LOWELL R. BARRON, Fyffe, Fifth Congressional District

CHARLES G. GLOVER, Cullman, Seventh Congressional District

JACK B. VENABLE, Tallassee, Fourth Congressional District


Term Ending In 2007

ROBERT E. LOWDER, Montgomery, Second Congressional District

PAUL J. SPINA, JR., Hoover, Sixth Congressional District

TO BE ANNOUNCED, Eighth Congressional District


Term Ending In 2011

BYRON P. FRANKLIN, Hoover, Ninth Congressional District

JAMES W. RANE, Abbeville, Third Congressional District

WILLIAM JAMES SAMFORD, JR., President Pro Tempore, Opelika, Third Congressional District


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