Faculty and Staff, O-S

The parenthetical designation after a faculty member's title indicates the department. The first date after the title indicates the year of first appointment to any position in the institution; the second, the year of appointment of present rank. If your information is not correct or not up-to-date, then fill out a Personnel Data Form (PDF) and send it to University Personnel Services in Langdon Hall.

ODOM, GARY E., Professional Flight Coordinator (Aerospace Engineering), 1997. B.S., Southern Mississippi; A.S., M.B.A., Embry-Riddle

ODOM, JOHN W., Associate Professor (Agronomy & Soils), 1977. B.S., M.S., Tennessee; Ph.D., Purdue

OGBURN, CHARLES B., Associate Professor (Agricultural Engineering), 1977, 1985. B.S., M.S., Virginia Tech; Ph.D., Auburn

OGDEN, ARTHUR G., Assistant Athletic Director, Athletic Department, 1995. B.A., LaSalle; M.A., Delaware; Ph.D., Walden

O'GWYNN, JENNIFER J., Academic Advisor (Adm.- Engineering), 1996. B.S., Auburn

O'HALLORAN, DANIEL, Laboratory Manager (Physics), 1996. B.S., B.S., Auburn

O'HEARN, ROBIN E., Instructor (Psychology), 1994, 1996. B.A., M.A., Ph.D., South Carolina

OH, KYEONG K., Visiting Scientist (Chemical Engineering), 1996. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Korea U.

OI, FAITH M., Ext. Specialist & Assistant Professor (Entomology), 1995. B.A., M.S., Hawaii; Ph.D., Florida

OKS, EVGUENI, Professor (Physics), 1990, 1992. M.S., Ph.D., Physical Tech; Dr.Sci., Inst. of USSR

O'LEARY, VIRGINIA E., Professor & Chair (Psychology), 1994. B.A., Chatham; M.A., Ph.D., Wayne State

OLEINICK, THEREZA B., Assistant Professor (Theatre),1996. B.A., Iowa; M.F.A., California Inst.

OLLIFF, DONATHON C., Associate Professor (History), 1966, 1970. B.A., M.A., Auburn; Ph.D., Florida

OLLIFF, MARTIN T., Archivist II, Library,1996. B.S., M.A., Auburn

OLSON, DOUGLAS J., Professor (Art), 1968, 1983. B.F.A., Layton Art; M.F.A., Cincinnati

O'NEILL, MARK A., Visiting Assistant Professor (History), 1996. B.A., Auburn M.A., Ph.D., Florida State

ORGEN, AHMET T., Professor (Architecture), 1981, 1992. B.Arch., Istanbul; M.Arch., Virginia

ORGEN, NEJLA Y., Enrollment Mgmt. Assistant III, Enrollment Management, 1990, 1997. B.S., Middle E. Tech; M.A., Prague

OSBORNE, JASON A., Assistant Professor (Discrete & Statistical Science), 1997 B.S., California; M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern

OSWALD, SHARON L., Titled Associate Professor (Management), 1987, 1998. B.A., Auburn; M.B.A., Ph.D., Alabama

OVERFELT, RUEL A., Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1991, 1997. B.S., Tennesse Tech; M.S., Ph.D., Vanderbilt

OWENS, ANNTONIA B., Academic Advisor (Adm.-Business), 1986, 1995. B.S., Tuskegee; M.Ed., Troy State

OWENS, DOUGLAS S., Research Associate (Pathobiology), 1997. D.V.M., D.V.M., Auburn

OWENS, JOHN M., Associate Dean (Adm.-Engineering), 1991, 1997. B.S.E.E., California; M.S., Ph.D., Stanford

OWENS, MELVIN, Assistant Director, Public Safety, AU Police Dept., 1981, 1997. B.S., Faulkner

OWSLEY, LARRY M., Specialist III, Alumni & Development, 1974, 1991.

OWSLEY, MICHELE R., Research Specialist (Agronomy & Soils), 1990, 1993. B.S., M.S., Texas Tech

OWSLEY, WALTER F., Associate Professor (Animal & Dairy Science), 1990. B.S., M.S., Texas A&M; Ph.D., Texas Tech

OZLEY, WANDA G., Specialist II, Purchasing, 1988, 1982.

PADGETT, MARY LOU, Senior Research Associate (Electrical Engineering), 1987, 1995. B.S., M.S., M.S., Auburn

PAGE, DANIEL E., Professor (Finance), 1984, 1997. B.S., B.A., M.B.A., Appalachian State; Ph.D., Georgia

PALMER, MICHAEL J., Engineering Associate, Space Power Institute, 1995.

PALMGREN, GAIL M., Visiting Assistant Professor (Clinical Pharmacy), 1996. B.S., B.A., SUNY; Pharm.D., Nova

PALMGREU, GAIL M., Visiting Assistant Professor (Clinical Pharmacy), 1996. B.A., B.S., SUNY; Pharm.D., Nova Southeastern

PANANGALA, VICTOR S., Professor (Pathobiology), 1980, 1994. D.V.M., E. Pakistan Ag.; M.S., Guelph; Ph.D., Cornell

PARISH, EDWARD, Professor (Chemistry), 1981, 1997. B.S., SW Texas St; M.A., Houston State; Ph.D. Mississippi State

PARK, CHAN S., Professor (Indust. Engineering), 1980, 1988. B.S., Hanyang; M.S.I.E., Purdue; Ph.D., Georgia Tech

PARKER, FRAZIER, Professor & Director (Civil Engineering), 1981, 1995. B.S., Alabama; M.S., Ph.D., Texas

PARKER, ROBERT M., Residence Hall Manager, Athletic Department, 1995. B.S., Montevallo; M.Ed., Jacksonville State

PARKER, STEPHANIE A., Senior Academic Advisor (Nursing), 1988, 1989. R.N., Providence; B.S., Spring Hill; M.Ed., Central Arkansas

PARSON, BEVERLY A., Instructor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1996, 1997. B.S., Faulkner; M.M.S., Troy State

PARSONS, DANIEL L., Professor (Pharmacal Science), 1982, 1991. B.S., Ph.D., Georgia

PARSONS, GREGORY N., University Architect, Architect's Office, 1992. B.A., B.S., Auburn

PARSONS, LESLIE P., Development Officer I, Alumni Administration, 1996. B.S., Auburn

PARTRIDGE, J. KENT, Assistant Athletic Director/Media Relations, Athletic Dept., 1989, 1994. B.S., West Alabama

PASCOE, DAVID D., Associate Professor & Coordinator (Health & Human Performance), 1990, 1996. B.A., M.A., California State; Ph.D., Ball State

PATE, MARY J., Accountant III, Financial Reporting, 1995, 1997.B.S., Auburn

PATE, THOMAS H., Professor (Mathematics), 1978, 1988. Ph.D., Emory

PATHIRANA, SURAM T., Research Associate, Inst. for Biological Detection Systems, 1994. B.Sc., Sri Lanka; Ph.D., Auburn

PATTERSON, GORDON D., Assistant Professor (Vocational & Adult Education), 1971. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn; Ph.D., Maryland

PATTERSON, JAMES E., Clinical Instructor (Nursing), 1992, 1994. B.S.N., Auburn

PATTERSON, KENNETH E., Supervisor, Utilities, 1972, 1994.

PATTERSON, MARTHA S., Development Officer I (Alumni, Development & University Relations), 1990, 1997. B.S., Auburn

PATTERSON, MICHAEL G., Professor (Agronomy & Soils), 1980, 1996. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn

PATTERSON, TAMARIA H., Director, Information Systems Support, 1974, 1997. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

PATTILLO, ARNOLD M., Supervisor, Landscape Services, 1994.

PAULK, THERESA M., Chief Flight Instructor, AU Aviation, 1993, 1997. B.A.M., M.B.A., Auburn

PAXTON, MARTHA W., Clinical Instructor (Communication Disorders), 1990, 1993. B.S., Miami; M.A., Kent State

PAXTON, RALPH, Associate Professor (Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology), 1989. B.A., Miami-Ohio; Ph.D., Cincinnati

PEARCE, LINDA S., Director, Information Systems Support, 1983, 1993. B.S., Auburn

PEARCE, WILLIAM G., Accountant II, Contract & Grants, 1997. B.S., Auburn

PEARSON, ROBERT E., Assistant Dean (Adm.-Pharmacy), 1978, 1995. B.S., M.S., Illinois

PEARSON, SHAWN R., Instructor (Industrial Design), 1997. B.Ind., Auburn

PEEL, ELIZABETH E., Advancement Coordinator II, Alumni & Development, 1984, 1993. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

PENASKOVIC, RICHARD, Professor & Director (History), 1984, 1996. B.A., M.A., Wuerzburg; Ph.D., Munich

PENNELL, JAMES R., Assistant Professor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology) 1997. B.S.Ed., B.A., Indiana; M.A., Ph.D., Rutgers

PEOPLE, JOE E., Assistant Director, Food Services, 1981, 1997. B.A., Columbus; M.S., Troy State

PEPINSKY, PETER R., Executive Director, University Relations, 1993. B.A., Auburn

PEPINSKY, MIRIAM B., Specialist III, Graduate School, 1994, 1997.

PEREZ, JOE D., Professor & Head (Physics), 1988. B.S., Loyola; Ph.D. Maryland

PEREZ, KARNI R., Senior Research Associate (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1993. B.A., San Francisco; M.S., Auburn

PERRITT, RICHARD W., Associate Professor (Geography), 1989, 1994. B.A., American; M.A., Ph.D., Clark

PERRY, CLIFTON B., Titled Professor (Philosophy), 1984, 1995. B.A., Cal State; M.A., Ph.D., California-Berkeley; J.D., Faulkner; L.L.M., Loyola

PERUSICH, ELIZABETH R., Visiting Assistant Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1997. B.S., LSU; M.S., Ph.D., Illinois

PERUSICH, STEPHEN, Assistant Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1996. B.S., Lehigh; M.S., Ph.D., Illinois

PETEE, THOMAS A., Associate Professor (Sociology), 1989, 1994. B.S., M.A., Toledo; Ph.D., Notre Dame

PETERS, BRENDA T., Assistant Professor, Industrial Design, 1991, 1995. B.IND., M. IND., Auburn

PETTIT, GREGORY S., Professor (Human Development & Family Studies), 1989, 1995. B.S., M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Indiana U.

PEYTON, JOHN S., Senior Research Associate (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1992, 1996. B.S., M.S., Southern Mississippi

PFEIFFER, ROBERT S., Research Associate (Physics), 1992, 1995. B.S., Cal Tech; M.S., Ph.D., California-San Diego

PHELPS, KEVIN T., Professor & Head (Discrete & Statistical Sciences), 1987, 1992. B.A., Brown; M.Sc., Ph.D., Auburn

PHELPS, RONALD P., Associate Professor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1975, 1983. B.S., Ph.D., Auburn

PHILLIPS, AUDREY L., Academic Counselor II, Athletic Department, 1996. B.A., B.S., M.S., Jacksonville State

PHILLIPS, JENNIFER G., Lead Specialist, DUC Technical Support, 1990, 1997. B.S., Troy State

PHILLIPS, RANDALL B., Instructor (Foreign Language), 1996. B.A., M.A., Auburn; M.I.R., Belgran

PHILLIPS, ROBERT C., Lead Specialist, Telecomm. & ETV, 1990, 1992. B.S., Troy State

PICKERELL, JACK E., Director, Adm.-Facilities, 1986. B.S., Butler

PICKETT, JACQUELINE L., Assistant Professor (Music), 1988, 1989. B.A., W. Virginia; M.M., Yale; D.M.A., Wisconsin

PIERCE, DEBRA, Instructor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1996. B.S., South Alabama; M.Ed., Auburn

PILZ, RONALD C., Senior Air Transport Pilot, Auburn University Aviation, 1993. B.S., Embry-Riddle

PINDZOLA, MICHAEL S., Titled Professor (Physics), 1977, 1996. B.A., Univ. of the South; Ph.D., Virginia

PINDZOLA, REBEKAH H., Associate Dean (Adm.-Liberal Arts) & Professor (Communication Disorders), 1979, 1993. B.S., M.S., E. Carolina; Ph.D., Tennessee

PIPES, RANDOLPH B., Associate Professor (Counseling & Counseling Psychology), 1977, 1982. B.S., SE Oklahoma; Ph.D., Texas

PITTARI, JOHN J., Associate Professor (Architecture), 1996. B.L.A., Florida; M.V.P., CCNY

PITTMAN, JOE F., Professor (Human Development & Family Studies), 1989, 1997. B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Georgia

PITTMAN, WILLIE R., Visiting Associate Professor (Architecture), 1994. B.S., M.Arch., Georgia Tech

PITTS, CHARLOTTE A., Dean & Associate Professor (Nursing), 1986, 1996. B.S.N., Alabama-Birmingham; M.S.N., Med. Col. of Georgia; Ed.D., Auburn

PLACEK, TIMOTHY D., Assistant Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1978. B.S., M.S., Cleveland State; Ph.D., Kentucky

PLAN, PAULA L., Instructor (Accounting), 1997. B.S., M,Ac., Auburn

PLASKETES, GEORGE M., Associate Professor (Communication), 1985, 1991. B.A., M.A., Mississippi; Ph.D., Bowling Green

PLUMB, JOHN A., Titled Professor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1969, 1996. B.A., Bridgewater; M.S., S. Illinois; Ph.D., Auburn

POLHEMUS, PAUL G., Aircraft Services Manager, Auburn University Aviation, 1984, 1993.

PONDER, HARRY G., Professor (Horticulture), 1978, 1985. B.S., M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Michigan State

POPE, RICHARD, Master Specialist, DUC Technical Support, 1979, 1997. B.A., Grinnell; M.B.A., Sou. Illinois

POPMA, THOMAS J., Associate Professor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1975, 1988. B.S., M.S., Michigan State; Ph.D., Auburn

PORTER, GAYLE, Librarian II, Library, 1992. B.A., M.L.I.S., Brigham Young

POTTER, MARY A., Assistant Professor (Consumer Affairs), 1969. B.S., Ga. Southern; M.H.E., Georgia; Ed.D., Auburn

POWELL, ARLIE A., Professor (Horticulture), 1978. B.S.A., M.S.A., Ph.D., Florida

POZIN, ALLA V., Specialist III, Alumni & Development, 1991, 1998. M.S., Pedagogical Institute

POZIN, MIKHAIL A., Assistant Professor (Foreign Languages & Literatures), 1990. M.S., Inst. Chem. Tech; M.A., Auburn; Ph.D., Illinois

PRANGE, LAURA, Associate Professor (Industrial Design), 1990, 1996. B.A., North Carolina; M.F.A., Cranbrook

PRATHER, MARY H., Assistant Manager, Personnel Services, 1987, 1995. B.S., Auburn; M.S., Troy State

PRATHER, MELISSA H., Accountant III, Financial Reporting, 1988, 1993. B.S., Troy State

PRATT, JOHN, Associate Professor (Architecture), 1989, 1997. B.A., Windsor; M.A., Cornell

PRESLEY, ANN B., Associate Professor (Consumer Affairs), 1992, 1997. B.S., W. Kentucky; M.S., Ohio State; Ph.D., Maryland

PRESTRIDGE, TINA G., Accountant , Facilities, 1997. B.F.A., Auburn

PREVATT, JAMES W., Professor (Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology), 1991, 1996. B.S., M.S., Florida; Ph.D., Clemson

PRICE, CHARLES E., Associate Professor (Accountancy), 1987, 1993. B.B.A., M.B.A., Auburn; Ph.D., Georgia

PRICE, KELLY G., Engineer (Computer Science & Engineer), 1992, 1993. B.S., M.S.C.E., Auburn

PRICE, KENDALL A., Specialist III, Library, 1994, 1997. B.A., Auburn

PRICE, MARK S., Professor (Art), 1976, 1992. B.F.A., M.F.A., Illinois

PRICE, STUART B., Associate Professor (Pathobiology), 1990, 1996. B.S., Oklahoma State; Ph.D., Oklahoma

PRITCHETT, JOHN F., Associate Vice President & Dean of the Graduate School, 1973, 1995. B.S., M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Iowa State

PUGH, DAVID G., Associate Professor (Large Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1990, 1995. B.S., M.S., D.V.M., Georgia

PUGH, WILLIAM, Associate Professor (Finance), 1986, 1992. B.S., Auburn; M.S., Ph.D., Florida State

PUROHIT, RAM C., Titled Professor (Large Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1971, 1995. B.V.S., Rajasthan; Ph.D., Auburn

PURVES, LUCY L., Instructor (Consumer Affairs), 1996. B.A., Auburn

PYLANT, KENNETH D., Director, Alumni & Development, 1974, 1987. B.A., M.B.A., Auburn

PYRON, CHRISTOPHER, Instructor (Architecture), 1995. B.A., Auburn

QIU, JIANSHENG, Research Assistant (Plant Pathology), 1992, 1995. B.S., Xiamen; M.S., Ph.D., Auburn

QUINTON, KAREN L., Specialist IV (Adm.-Vet Med), 1989, 1993. B.S., Troy State

RABREN, KAREN, Coordinator (Rehabilitation & Special Education), 1994. B.S., Auburn-Montgomery; M.Ed., Ph.D., Auburn

RABY, MICHEL J., Associate Professor (Foreign Languages & Literatures), 1989, 1995. B.A., Paris; M.A., Ph.D., Iowa

RAHE, CHARLES H., Associate Professor (Animal & Dairy Science), 1980, 1989. B.S., Tarleton State; M.S., Ph.D., Texas A&M

RAINER, REX K., Titled Associate Professor (Management), 1988, 19989. B.S., Auburn; D.M.D., Alabama-Birmingham

RAJU, POLAPRAGADA K., Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1984, 1994. B.S., India; M.S., Madras; Ph.D., Indian Inst. Tech

RAMEY, CATHERINE F., Specialist III, DUC Technical Support, 1985, 1997. B.A., Auburn

RAMEY, GEORGE E., Feagin Professor (Civil Engineering), 1971, 1992. B.C.E., M.S.C.E., Auburn; Ph.D., Colorado

RAMEY, ROBERT W., Assistant Manager, Food Services, 1990. B.S., Auburn

RANKIN, KAREN M., Specialist III, Outreach Info. & Marketing, 1990, 1997. B.A., Valdosta State; M.S., Auburn

RANKINS, DARRELL, Associate Professor (Animal & Dairy Science), 1989, 1994. B.S., Illinois; M.S., Ph.D., New Mexico State

RANSEL, KERRY A., Personnel Specialist, Library, 1990. B.A., Xavier; M.S., Ohio State

RAO, SADASIVA, Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1988, 1992. B.E., Osmania; M.S., Indian Inst. Science; Ph.D., Mississippi

RAPER, CHARLES F., Peake Professor (Forestry), 1988. B.S., North Carolina State; M.B.A., J.D., Connecticut

RASCH, RONALD H., Associate Professor (Accountancy), 1993. B.S., Kansas State; M.S., Air Force Inst.; Ph.D., Texas

RAVIS, WILLIAM R., Professor & Head (Pharmacal Science), 1977, 1990. B.S., Temple; Ph.D., Houston

RAY, CHARLES H., Director, Environ. Health, 1982, 1986. B.S., Florida State; M.S., Ph.D., Auburn

RAY, LORENZA, Supervisor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1968, 1996.

RAYMOND, JENNIE E., Associate Professor (Management), 1989, 1994. B.A., Hendrix; Ph.D., Vanderbilt

READ, MARILYN A., Assistant Professor (Consumer Affairs), 1997. B.S., M.A., California State; Ph.D., Oregon State

REED, CYNTHIA J., Assistant Professor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology) 1997. B.S., M.S., SUNY-Oswego; A.S., SUNY-Cortland; Ed.D., Pittsburgh

REED, HAL C., Development Officer III, Alumni Development, 1997. B.A., Southwestern Colorado

REED, VILLEL D., Research Specialist (Animal & Dairy Sciences), 1990, 1994. B.S., Auburn

REESE, BETTY C., Manager (Adm.-Engineering), 1973, 1994. B.S., Alabama A&M

REESE, JOHN L., Supervisor, Housing & Residence Life, 1989, 1995.

REESE, THOMAS W., Supervisor, Facilities, 1965, 1987.

REEVE, T. GILMOUR, Professor (Health & Human Performance), 1977, 1993. B.S., M.Ed., Texas Tech; Ph.D., Texas A&M

REEVES, CLAUDE E., Aquaculturist (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1995. B.S., M.B.A., Columbus Col.: M.A., Auburn

REEVES, SHARON K., Instructor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1994. B.S., M.Ed., Georgia Southwestern

REEVES, STANLEY J., Associate Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1990, 1995. B.S., M.S., Clemson; Ph.D., Georgia Tech

REGAN, J. THOMAS, Dean & Professor (Adm.-Architecture), 1994. B.Arch., Auburn; .G.Dip., Arch. Assc. Grad. (London)

REID, GWENDOLYN F., Advancement Officer II, Alumni & Development, 1986, 1997. B.A., Ohio; B.S., M.S., Auburn

REILLY, AMYSUE, Assistant Professor (Rehabilitation & Special Education), 1993. B.S., Eastern Kentucky; M.S., Indiana; M.A. Ph.D., New Mexico

REINKE, C. MICHAEL, Associate Professor (Clinical Pharmacy), 1985, 1991. B.A., Jamestown; B.S., M.S., Pharm.D., Michigan

RELIHAN, CONSTANCE, Associate Professor (English), 1990, 1994. A.B., Illinois; M.A., Ph.D., Minnesota

RENDEN, JOSEF A., Professor (Poultry Science), 1981, 1990. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., California

REUTEBUCH, ERIC M., Senior Research Associate (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1989, 1993. B.S., Purdue; M.S., Auburn

REYNOLDS, ANNA R., Laboratory Supervisor, Agronomy & Soils, 1980, 1993. B.S., Virginia Commonwealth; M.S., Auburn

REYNOLDS, GEORGE W., Assistant Director, Cooperative Education, 1981, 1993. B.A., M.Ed., Auburn

RICE, RICHELLE W., Instructor (Rehabilitation & Special Education), 1987, 1992. B.S., M.C.D., Auburn

RICHARDSON, ANNE S., Supervisor, Accounts Payable, 1981, 1988.

RICHARDSON, GEORGE, Assistant Radiolog. Safety Officer, Environ. Health, 1989. B.S., Auburn

RIDDELL, KAY P., Research Associate (Pathobiology), 1984. M.S., D.V.M., Auburn

RIDDELL, M. GATZ, Professor (Large Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1984, 1996. B.S., D.V.M., Kansas State; M.S., Auburn

RIDGWAY, JAMES W., Media Services Manager (Adm.-Engineering), 1979, 1990. B.A., M.Ed., Auburn

RIGGS, LLOYD S., Associate Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1983, 1990. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn

RIKARD, FRANK S., Senior Research Associate (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1991, 1996. B.S., M.S., Auburn

RILEY, THOMAS N., Professor (Pharmacal Science), 1982, 1992. B.S., Kentucky; Ph.D., Minnesota

RIPLEY, ROBERT F., Associate Professor (Aerospace Engineering), 1990, 1996. B.A., Bowling Green; M.Ed., Mid. Tennesse State

RIPPENS, PAULA, Research Associate III (Psychology), 1996, 1997. B.A., California State; Ph.D., Nevada

RITENBAUGH, CHARLOT, Ext. Program Associate (Rehabilitation & Special Education), 1993. B.S., Penn State; M.A.T., Connecticut Col.

RITENBAUGH, ROBERT C., Director, Auxiliary Enterprises, 1993. B.A., M.B.A., Penn State

ROBBINS, EFREM, Research Specialist (Forestry), 1988. B.S. Virginia State

ROBEL, LINDA J., Accountant II, Auburn Conference Center, 1991, 1994. B.S., Auburn

ROBERTS, CHRISTOPHER R., Assistant Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1994. B.S., Missouri; M.S., Ph.D., Notre Dame

ROBERTS, ROBBIE, Director (Human Development & Family Studies), 1995, 1997. B.S., Auburn; M.A., Ph.D., Alabama-Birmingham

ROBERTS, SHARON R., Assistant Professor (Botany-Microbiology), 1996 B.A., M.P.H., Ph.D., California

ROBERTSON, BARRY A., Manager, University Printing Service, 1984, 1995.

ROBERTSON, DAVID G., Senior Research Associate (Plant Pathology), 1981, 1992. B.S., Tennessee

ROBICHEAUX, FRANCIS J., Assistant Professor (Physics), 1993. B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Chicago

ROBINSON, AMY G., Instructor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1995. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

ROBINSON, DAVID Supervisor, AU Bookstore, 1992, 1996. B.S., Auburn

ROBINSON, DINAH A., Assistant Professor (Political Science), 1993.

ROBINSON, DYANN, Associate Professor (Theatre), 1987, 1995. B.A., Butler; M.A., Catholic

ROBINSON, JACQUELYN, Ext. Specialist & Associate Professor (Cooperative Extension), 1988, 1995. B.S., Montevallo; M.Ed., Livingston; Ed.D., Alabama

ROBINSON, JANICE M. J., Academic Counselor II, Athletic Department, 1994, 1996. B.S.N., W. Tennessee State; M.Ed., Tuskegee

ROBINSON, LAURIE K., Senior Academic Advisor (Adm.-Pharmacy), 1992. 1995. B.S.,Auburn

ROBINSON, MICHAEL K., Assistant Director, Internal Auditing, 1989, 1994. B.S., M.Ac., Auburn

ROBINSON, P. MICHAEL, Professor (Architecture), 1996, 1997. B.Arch, Kentucky; M.L.A., Harvard

ROBINSON, WILLIE B., Film Lab. Manager, Telecom. & ETV, 1976, 1984.

RODGER, CHRISTOPHER A., Alumni Professor (Discrete & Statistical Sciences), 1982, 1990. B.S., M.S., Sydney; Ph.D., Reading

RODRIGUEZ-KABANA, RODRIGO, Distinguished University Professor (Plant Pathology), 1965, 1995. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., LSU

ROGERS, HUGO H., Professor, USDA Tillage Lab., 1984. B.S., M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., North Carolina

ROGERS, JACK W., Professor (Mathematics), 1973, 1982. B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Texas

ROGERS, JANET S., Instructor (Mathematics), 1983, 1988. B.A., Texas; M.S., Auburn

ROLAND, DAVID A., Distinguished University Professor (Poultry Science), 1976, 1991. B.S., Ph.D., Georgia

ROLLER, DAVID C., Lead Specialist, DUC Technical Support, 1989, 1997. B.S., Auburn

ROLSMA, MARK D., Assistant Professor (Pathobiology), 1995.B.S., M.S., Michigan State; Ph.D., Illinois

ROOS, C. WILLIAM, Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1983 B.S., M.S., D.Sc., Washington U.

ROPPEL, THADDEUS A., Associate Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1986, 1992. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Michigan State

ROSE, M. FRANK, Director & Professor (Space Power Inst.), 1985. B.A., Virginia; M.S., Ph.D., Penn State

ROSENBLATT, DAVID J., Archivist II, Library, 1976, 1991. B.A., M.A., Missouri

ROSENTHAL, DAN, Associate Director, Planning & Analysis, 1994. B.A., Brooklyn; Ph.D., Pittsburgh

ROSS, MARGARET E., Assistant Professor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology), 1997. B.S.E., Northeast Missouri State; M.A., Missouri; Ph.D., Kansas

ROTFELD, HERBERT J., Professor (Marketing & Transportation), 1988, 1995. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Illinois

ROTHSCHILD, JOYCE M., Assistant Professor (English), 1981, 1983. B.A., Rutgers; M.A., Ph.D., Maryland

ROUSE, DAVID B., Professor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1981, 1995. B.S., M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Texas A&M

ROWSEY, LUELLA M., Instructor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1997. A.B., Marshall; M.A., Auburn

ROWSEY, ROBERT E., Assistant Dean & Professor (Adm.-Education), 1973, 1990. A.B., M.S., Marshall; Ed.D., Auburn

ROYAL, DONALD T., Exec. Director, Internal Auditing, 1973. B.S., Auburn

ROYSTER, BARBARA H., Manager, DUC Technical Support, 1981, 1997. B.S., Auburn

RUBIO, LINDA P., Clinical Instructor (Communication Disorders), 1997. B.S., M.Sc., Auburn

RUDISILL, MARY E., Associate Professor (Health & Human Performance), 1996. B.S., M.A., Appalachian State; Ph.D., Florida State

RUFF, ROSEMARY H., Assistant Director, Contracts & Grants Administration, 1996. B.S., West Virginia

RUFFIN, DEBRA C., Assistant Professor (Large Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1995. D.V.M., Auburn

RUMPH, PAUL F., Professor (Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology), 1971. M.S., D.V.M., Auburn

RUSCIN, JOSEPH M., Instructor (Architecture), 1994. B.A., Texas Tech; M.C.P., Auburn

RUSH, ROBERT H., Manager-Arboretum (Botany-Microbiology), 1984, 1987. B.A., Alabama; B.S., Auburn

RUSSELL, LAVERN, Coordinator, Student Health Ctr., 1982, 1989. B.A., Florida; M.Ed., Ph.D., Georgia

RUTH, DENNIS K., Professor (Architecture), 1989, 1994. B.Arch., Auburn; M.Arch., Harvard

RUTH, LINDA, Instructor (Building Science), 1996. B.Arch., Tennessee

RYGIEL, DENNIS, Professor & Head (English), 1972, 1990. B.A., M.A., Loyola; Ph.D., Cornell

RYNDERS, PATRICIA E., Research Associate (Small Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1995. B.S., D.V.M., North Carolina State

SABA, RICHARD P., Associate Professor (Economics), 1974, 1988. B.A., M.B.A., Dallas; Ph.D., Texas A&M

SABINO, ROBIN, Associate Professor (English), 1991, 1996. A.B., Adelphi; M.A., Virgin Islands; Ph.D., Pennsylvania

SACK, CATHARINA R., Assistant Professor (Architecture), 1994. B.L.A., M.L.A., Iowa State

SAIDLA, MARY L., Academic Advisor (Adm.-Vet Med.), 1991. B.A., Auburn; M.A., Scarritt

SALISBURY, JILL D., Assistant Professor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology) 1997. B.S., New York; M.S., Ph.D., Penn State

SALTS, CONNIE J., Professor (Human Development & Family Studies), 1985, 1996. B.S., Ohio State; M.A., Kent State; Ph.D., Florida State

SAMPSON, GARY M., Professor (Mathematics), 1985, 1991. B.A., M.A., Temple; Ph.D., Syracuse

SAMUELSON, LISA J., Assistant Professor (Forestry), 1994. B.S., M.S., Georgia; Ph.D., Virginia Tech

SANDERS, LAURA G., Research Associate (Discrete & Statistical Science), 1994. B.S., Troy St.; M.P.S., Auburn

SANDERS, STEPHEN W., Assistant Professor (Health & Human Performance), 1993. B.P.E., Purdue; M.Ed., Georgia; Ed.D., Virginia Tech

SANDERS, THOMAS R., Librarian III & Head, Library, 1983, 1992. B.A., Ohio Wesleyan; M.A., Harvard; M.L.S., Simmons

SANDERS, VICKY L., Instructor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1994. B.S., Wisconsin; M.Ed., Georgia State

SANDLIN, WENDELL L., Glass Designer (Chemistry), 1990.

SANFORD, MARILYN, Assistant Director, Purchasing, 1969, 1985.

SANKAR, CHETAN, Professor (Management), 1989, 1996. B.S., M.B.A., Indian Inst.; Ph.D., Pennsylvania

SARATHY, PARTHA K., Manager (Chemistry), 1984. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Madras

SARTIN, EVA A., Associate Professor (Pathobiology), 1982, 1996. B.S., M.S., D.V.M., Oklahoma State; Ph.D., Auburn

SARTIN, JAMES L., Professor (Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology), 1982, 1992. B.A., M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Oklahoma State

SASSER, JAMES, Instructor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology), 1996. B.S., M.A., Auburn

SAUNDERS, JAMES A., Professor (Geology), 1991, 1996. B.S., Auburn; M.S., Georgia; Ph.D., Colorado Sch. of Mines

SAUSER, LANE D., Assistant Director, Center for Governmental Services, 1988, 1993. B.B.A., M.B.A., D.P.A., Alabama

SAUSER, WILLIAM I., Associate Dean & Professor (Adm.-Business), 1977, 1997. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Tech

SAVAGE, CHERYL M., Clinical Instructor (Nursing), 1996. B.S.N., Troy State

SAVRDA, CHARLES E., Professor (Geology), 1986, 1996. B.A., Rutgers; M.S., Ph.D., Southern California

SAYE, JOHN W., Assistant Professor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1994. B.A., M.A., Ed.D., Georgia

SAYERS, LINDA D., Director, Alumni & Development, 1993. B.S., Auburn

SCARDINO, M. STACIE, Research Associate, Ritchey Research, 1994. D.V.M., Auburn

SCHADLER, BRENDA B., Administrative Assistant III (Mechanical Engineering), 1980, 1994.

SCHAEFFER, ROBERT W., Professor (Psychology), 1971. A.B., Franklin & Marshal; M.A., Ph.D., Missouri

SCHAFER, ROBERT L., Adjunct Professor (Tillage Lab.), 1982. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State

SCHMIDT, PAUL G., Associate Professor (Mathematics), 1989, 1994. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Tech Univ.Aachen

SCHMIDT, STEPHEN P., Professor (Animal & Dairy Science), 1976, 1992. B.S., Idaho; M.S., Ph.D., Wisconsin

SCHMITZ, CECILIA, Librarian III, Library, 1988, 1994. B.A., M.L.S., Arizona

SCHNEIDER, TODD A., Research Assistant (Physics), 1988, 1991. B.S., Auburn

SCHNELLER, AINA N., Instructor (English), 1996. B.A., Louisville; M.A., Massachusetts

SCHNELLER, STEWART W., Dean of Sciences & Mathematics, and Associate Director, Agricultural Experiment Station, 1994, 1997. B.S., M.S., Louisville; Ph.D., Indiana U.

SCHUMACHER, JOHN, Professor (Large An. Sur. & Med.), 1982, 1996. M.S., Texas A&M; D.V.M., Kansas State

SCHUMACHER, SHERI L., Associate Professor (Architecture), 1986, 1991. B.A., Auburn; M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy

SCHUYLER, CAROLE A., Instructor (English), 1995. B.A., SUNY; M.A., M.Ed., Virginia; M.S., Rensselaer

SCHWARTZ, DEAN D., Assistant Professor (Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology), 1993. B.S., Stonehill; Ph.D., Houston

SCHWARZE, TRACEY T., Instructor (English), 1997. B.A., Virginia; M.A., Dayton; Ph.D., California

SCHWINDLER, MARGARET M., Instructor (English), 1994. B.A., M.A., Auburn

SCOGAN, TESS C., Instructor (English), 1994. B.A., M.A., Mississippi; M.F.A., Arkansas

SCULLEN, CHRISTOPHER B., Development Coordinator I, Alumni Development, 1997. B.A., Auburn

SEARS, STEPHEN, Assistant Professor (Military Science), 1994. B.S., Jacksonville State

SEAY, DONNA M., Art Coordinator, University Relations, 1991, 1997. B.F.A., Auburn, M.F.A., Oregon

SEAY, LINDA R., Senior Academic Advisor (Adm.-Liberal Arts), 1993. B.S., M.S., Auburn

SEESOCK, WENDY C., Senior Research Associate (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1980. B.S., M.S., Auburn

SEIBENHENER, MICHAEL L., Laboratory Supervisor (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1990, 1993. B.S., M.S., Auburn

SENGER, ELIZABETH S., Assistant Professor (Curriculum and Teaching), 1996. B.A., Marillac; M.Ed., Central Florida; Ph.D., Arizona

SETZER, FRANKLIN M., Associate Professor (Architecture), 1990, 1994. B.Arch., Florida; M.Arch., Rice

SHAFER, SCOTT M., Associate Professor (Management), 1994, 1995. B.S., B.B.A., Ph.D., Cincinnati

SHANLEY, LISA A., Associate Professor (Consumer Affairs), 1987, 1992. B.S., E. Illinois; M.S., Illinois State; Ph.D., Oklahoma State

SHANLEY, PAUL S., Research Assistant (Consumer Affairs), 1991. B.S., Auburn

SHANNON, CURTIS G., Associate Professor (Chemistry), 1991, 1997. B.S., California State; Ph.D., Texas

SHANNON, DAVID M., Associate Professor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology), 1990, 1995. B.S., Kutztown; Ph.D., Virginia

SHANNON, DENNIS A., Associate Professor (Agronomy & Soils), 1990, 1996. B.A., Goshen; B.Sc., McGill; M.S., Ph.D., Cornell

SHAPIRO, STEVEN K., Associate Professor (Psychology), 1990, 1995. B.A., Rhode Island; Ph.D., Miami

SHARPE, DEBRA C., University Safety Officer, Environmental Health, 1996. B.S., St. Mary's

SHARPE, RACHEL R., Research Assistant (Agronomy & Soils), 1992, 1993. B.S., M.S., Auburn

SHARPE, ROBERT W., Senior Project Manager, Facilities, 1996. B.S., Auburn

SHARPE, SHARRON L., Outreach Program Advisor, Center for Governmental Services. 1985, 1994.

SHARPLESS, KAREN L., Development Officer II, Alumni Administration, 1981, 1996. B.A., Virginia Tech; M.A., Auburn

SHAW, JOE J., Associate Professor (Botany-Microbiology), 1988, 1993. B.A., Cal.-Santa Barbara; Ph.D., Cal.-Davis

SHAW, SUZANNE, Academic Advisor (Adm.-Sciences & Mathematics), 1988, 1990. B.S., Auburn

SHAW, WILLIAM L., Chief Engineer, Telecom. & ETV, 1984, 1996. B.A., Auburn

SHEDIVY, JOAN M., Librarian II, Library 1996. B.S., Wisconsin; M.L.S., St. Johns

SHEN, WENXIAN, Associate Professor (Mathematics), 1992, 1997. B.A., Zhejiang Normal; M.S., Beijing; Ph.D., Georgia Tech

SHEPPARD, JUDITH E., Assistant Professor (Journalism), 1993. B.S., M.A., Auburn

SHERBURNE, THOMAS R., Visiting Assistant Professor (Psychology), 1997. B.S., Baker; M.S., St. Cloud; Ph.D., Auburn

SHEVLIN, PHILIP B., Professor (Chemistry), 1970, 1982. B.S., LaFayette; M.S., Ph.D., Yale

SHOLAR, JERALD F., Research Assistant II (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1994, 1997. B.S., North Carolina State

SHULER, BETTY J., Clinical Instructor (Nursing), 1997. B.S.N., Fitchburg State; M.S.N., Catholic

SHUMACK, RONALD, Associate Dean & Professor (Adm.-Agriculture), 1963, 1993. B.S., M.A., Auburn; Ph.D., Michigan State

SHUMAKER, LINDA P., Coordinator (Rehabilitation & Special Education), 1995. B.S., M.A., Jacksonville State;

SHUMPERT, THOMAS H., Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1974, 1982. B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E., Ph.D., Mississippi State

SIBLEY, JEFFREY L., Assistant Professor (Horticulture), 1994, 1997. B.S., M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Georgia

SIGINER, DENNIS A., Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1984, 1994. B.S., M.S., Sc.D., Istanbul; Ph.D., Minnesota

SIKORA, EDWARD J., Associate Professor (Plant Pathology), 1992, 1996. B.S., E. Illinois; M.S., Ph.D., Illinois-Urbana

SILBERBERG, SUSAN C., Instructor (Architecture), 1991. B.Arch., Pratt

SILVERN, LINDA, Instructor (Human Development & Family Studies), 1987. B.A., Maryland; M.Ed., Auburn

SILVERN, STEVEN B., Professor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1978, 1989. B.S., Ed.D., Maryland; Ph.D., Wisconsin

SILVERSTEIN, MARC R., Associate Professor (English), 1989, 1994. B.A., Bowdoin; M.A., Ph.D., Brown

SIMMS, JOHN T., Laboratory Manager (Geology), 1992. B.S., Auburn

SIMON, MARLLIN L., Associate Professor (Physics), 1972. B.A., M.S., Kansas; M.S. Michigan State; Ph.D., Missouri

SIMONTON, R. LESLIE, Computer Systems Engineer (Electrical Engineering), 1985. B.E.E., M.S.E.E., Auburn

SIMONNE, ERIC, Assistant Professor (Horticulture), 1994, 1996. M.S., Ensat; Ph.D., Georgia

SIMPSON, ELIZABETH S., Specialist, Students With Disabilities, 1997. B.A., Wyoming

SIMPSON, EUGENE H., Ext. Head, Computer Technology, 1983, 1996. B.S., Ph.D., Mississippi State

SIMPSON, ROBERT G., Professor (Rehabilitation & Special Education), 1979, 1988. B.A., Vanderbilt; M.A., Kentucky; Ph.D., Florida

SIMPSON, STEPHEN T., Associate Professor (Small Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1982, 1984. D.V.M., Auburn; M.S., Purdue

SIMPSON, TERESA A., Administrator II, Contracts & Grants, 1998. B.S., Auburn

SINGH, ADIT D., Associate Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1991. B.S., Indian Inst.; M.S., Ph.D., Virginia Tech

SINGH, NARENDRA, Professor (Botany-Microbiology), 1989, 1995. B.Sc., M.Sc., Patna-India; Ph.D., Bombay

SINHA, ANUPAMA, Research Specialist (Nutrition & Food Science), 1996. B.S., Bararas; M.S., Tuskegee

SINHA, SUBHASH C., Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1987, 1993. Bihar Inst.; M.S., Inst. of Sci.-India; Ph.D., Wayne State

SINNARAJAH, SRIKUMAR, Manager (Chemistry), 1991. B.S., Xavier; M.S., Auburn

SISSON, D. CLAY, Research Associate (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1993. B.S., Georgia; M.S., Auburn

SKLADANY, MICHAEL A., Research Associate (Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology), 1994. B.Sc., Tennessee; M.Sc., Auburn; Ph.D., Michigan State

SLADDEN, SUSAN E., Research Specialist (Agronomy & Soils), 1986, 1990. B.S., Florida; M.S., Penn State

SLAMINKA, EDWARD E., Associate Professor (Mathematics), 1985, 1991. B.S., Case Western; M.S., Ph.D., Michigan

SLATEN, BUSTER L., Associate Professor (Consumer Affairs), 1974. B.S., Arkansas A&M; M.S., Arkansas; Ph.D., Maryland

SLATER, BETH T., Development Coordinator II, Alumni Administration, 1996. B.A., Mary Baldwin; M.S., North Carolina

SLATON, CHRISTA D., Associate Professor & Director (Political Science), 1993, 1997. B.S., Tennessee-Nashville; M.S., Ph.D., Hawaii

SLICK, JANINE M., Manager (Adm.-Agriculture), 1987, 1995. B.S., N. Arizona; M.S., Troy State

SLIPKE, JEFFREY W., Research Associate (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1996. B.S., Iowa State; M.S., South Dakota State

SMITH-CARR, SARALYN, Associate Professor (Small Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1994. B.S., D.V.M., Tuskegee; M.S., Ph.D., Washington State

SMITH, ANN T., Director (Adm.-Education), 1995. B.A., Samford; M.A., Troy State; A.D.V., Auburn-Montgomery

SMITH, BARBARA C., Specialist II, DUC Applications Support, 1996, 1997. B.S., Auburn

SMITH, BILLY L., Building Services Manager, Facilities, 1989, 1996.

SMITH, BRET H., Professor (Industrial Design), 1985, 1997. B.S., M.A., M.A., Purdue

SMITH, BRIDGET F., Visiting Assistant Professor (Psychology), 1995. B.A., M.S., Ph.D.,Auburn

SMITH, BRUCE F., Assistant Professor, Ritchey Research, 1993. B.A., Haveford; V.M.D., Ph.D., Pennsylvania

SMITH, DAVID M., Librarian III & Head, Library, 1969, 1992. A.B., Huntingdon; M.L.S., Emory

SMITH, ELIZABETH L., Research Associate (Human Development & Family Studies, 1994. M.S., Auburn

SMITH, ELIZABETH O., Assistant Professor (English), 1993, 1995. B.S., Delaware; M.Ed., Northwestern; Ph.D., Texas Tech

SMITH, FORREST, Associate Professor (Pharmacal Science), 1987, 1992. B.S., Virginia Tech; Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth

SMITH, G. ROBERT, Assistant Professor (Accountancy), 1993, 1994. B.S.B.A., M.C.A.A., Tennessee; Ph.D., Texas Tech

SMITH, JAMES E., Instructor (Architecture), 1997. B.A., Auburn

SMITH, JAMES W., Assistant Professor (Marketing & Transportation), 1968. B.S., Athens State; J.D., Samford

SMITH, JESSIE J., Supervisor, Facilities, 1978, 1984.

SMITH, KIMBERLY A., Assistant Professor (Aerospace Studies), 1993. B.S., Washington Univ.; M.S., Troy State

SMITH, LARRY K., Master Specialist, DUC Technical Support, 1983. B.S., Auburn

SMITH, LARRY P., Design Services Coordinator, Architect's Office, 1991. B.Arch., Texas

SMITH, LEO A., Professor (Industrial Engineering), 1969, 1984. B.I.E., M.S.I.E., Georgia Tech; Ph.D., Purdue

SMITH, MARCIE C., Controller, Controller, 1985, 1992. B.S., Alabama; B.B.A., N. Florida

SMITH, MARY L., Administrative Assistant III (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1979, 1991.

SMITH, MATTHEW R., Specialist III (Adm.-Business), 1997. B.S., West Florida

SMITH, MELVIN K., Counselor II, Student Development Services, 1989, 1997. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

SMITH, MICHEL, Professor (Mathematics), 1974, 1993. B.A., Texas; Ph.D., Emory

SMITH, MICHELLE D., Pharmacist (Adm.-Pharmacy), 1996. B.S., New Mexico

SMITH, RICHARD W., Advisor (Communication), 1992, 1994. B.A., South Carolina; M.S.C., M.Ed., Auburn

SMITH, ROBERT C., Professor (Animal & Dairy Sciences), 1996. B.S., Elmhurst; M.S., Ph.D., Illinois

SMITH, ROBERT E., Professor & Head (Clinical Pharmacy), 1996. B.A., Arizona State; PharmD., Southern California

SMITH, RODNEY T., Titled Professor (English), 1976, 1995. B.A., North Carolina; M.A., Appalachian State

SMITH, RONALD H., Professor (Entomology), 1972, 1988. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn

SMITH, SARAH H., Enrollment Mgmt. Assistant I, Student Financial Aid, 1994, 1997. B.A., Georgia State

SMITH, SUSAN O., Specialist, Controller, 1984, 1988. B.S., Southern Mississippi; B.S., Auburn

SMITH, THOMAS A., Associate Professor (Human Development & Family Studies), 1985, 1991. B.S., M.A., Alabama; M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Virginia Tech

SMITH, THOMAS L., Assistant Professor (Aerospace Studies), 1995. B.S., Auburn; M.S., Florida Inst. of Technology

SMITH, THOMAS R., Professor & Director (Music), 1972, 1984. B.M., Samford; M.A., Iowa; D.M.A., Colorado

SMITH, TROY D., Academic Counselor I, Athletic Department, 1996. B.S., Jacksonville State

SMITH, WENDY G., Assistant Professor (Psychology), 1997. B.S. Bowling Green; M.A. Ph.D., Akron

SMITH, WILLIAM G., Associate Professor & Associate Director (Coop. Ext.), 1965, 1997. B.S., M.Ag., Ed.D., Auburn

SNEED, RICHARD L., Instructor (Philosophy), 1997. B.A., Texas A&M; M.A., Michigan State; Ph.D., Florida State

SNIPES, ALBERT L., Manager, Personnel Services, 1972, 1987. B.S., Alabama A&M; M.S., Troy State

SNYDER, CHARLES A., Professor (Management), 1978, 1994. B.F.A., Georgia; M.S., South Dakota State; M.B.A., Ohio State; Ph.D., Nebraska

SOKOLOVA, YANA O., Research Associate (Mechanical Engineering), 1993. M.A., St. Petersburg

SOLHEIM, CATHERINE A., Associate Professor (Human Development & Family Studies), 1990, 1996. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Minnesota

SOLLIE, DONNA L., Professor (Human Development & Family Studies), 1986, 1993. B.S., Mississippi State; M.S., Kentucky; Ph.D., Tennessee

SOLOMON, HARRY M., Hollifield Professor (English), 1971, 1984. B.A., S.F. Austin; M.A., Ph.D., Duke

SOLOMON, MICHAEL R., Professor (Consumer Affairs), 1995. B.A., Brandeis; M.A., Ph.D., North Carolina

SOMERS, GREG L., Associate Professor (Forestry), 1987, 1992. B.S., Oklahoma State; M.S., M.S., Ph.D., Virginia Tech

SORJONEN, DONALD C., Professor (Small Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1977, 1992. B.S., D.V.M., Texas A&M; M.S., Auburn

SOUTH, DAVID B., Professor (Forestry), 1975, 1993. B.S., M.S., North Carolina State; Ph.D., Auburn

SOX, CHARLES R., Associate Professor (Indust. Engineering), 1992, 1997. B.S., Furman; M.S., Ph.D., Cornell

SPAIN, R. SYDNEY, Associate Dean & Associate Professor (Architecture), 1989, 1990. B.Arch., M.Arch., M.C.P., Georgia Tech; Ph.D., Texas A&M

SPANO, JOSEPH S., Professor (Pathobiology), 1977, 1983. D.V.M., Ph.D., Colorado State

SPARROW, EMILY A., Instructor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1996. B.S., M.S., Ed.D., Auburn

SPARROW, THOMAS W., Director, SAC/Coliseum, 1971. B.S., Auburn

SPENCER, SAMIA I., Professor (Foreign Languages & Literatures), 1972, 1985. B.A., Alexandria; M.A., Ph.D., Illinois

SPENCER, WILLIAM A., Professor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology), 1971, 1993. B.A., Southern Illinois; M.A., Ph.D., Illinois

SPINDLER, CHARLES J., Associate Professor, (Political Science), 1989, 1993. B.A., Florida State; M.S., Valdosta State; D.P.A., Georgia

SPIVEY, DONALD W., Supervisor, Facilities, 1975, 1989.

SPRATLIN, WESLEY T., Instructor (English), 1992, 1997. B.S., Austin Peay; M.A., Middle Tennessee State

SPRING, DONALD J., Associate Professor (Aerospace Engineering), 1986. B.A.E., M.A.E., Auburn; Ph.D., Illinois

SQUILLACOTE, MICHAEL E., Associate Professor (Chemistry), 1987. B.S., Chicago; Ph.D., UCLA

ST. JOHN, DWIGHT W., Assistant Professor (English), 1977. B.A., Hamline; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio

STADLER, HOLLY A. Professor & Head (Counseling & Counseling Psychology), 1995.B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Purdue

STALLINGS, J. MICHAEL, Titled Associate Professor (Civil Engineering), 1988, 1996. B.C.E., M.S.C.E., Auburn; Ph.D., Texas

STALLWORTH, JEFF, Specialist III, DUC Technical Support, 1996.

STAMM, PAMELA L., Assistant Professor (Clinical Pharmacy), 1997. B.S., St. Louis Col.; Pharm.D., South Carolina

STAMPER, RICHARD E., Assistant Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1997. B.S., Rose-Hulman; M.S., Purdue; Ph.D., Maryland

STANBURY, DAVID M., Alumni Professor (Chemistry), 1987, 1994. Ph.D., Sou. California

STANWICK, PETER A., Assistant Professor (Management), 1992, 1994. B.A., W. Ontario; M.B.A., Washington; Ph.D., Florida State

STANWICK, SARAH D., Associate Professor (Accountancy), 1992, 1997. B.S., North Carolina-Greensboro; M.Ac., North Carolina; Ph.D., Florida State

STAPLES, BARBARA L., Specialist II, DUC Technical Support, 1994. B.I.E., Auburn; M.S., Long Island

STARR, PAUL D., Professor (Sociology), 1975, 1985. A.B., Univ. of the Pacific; M.A., Ph.D., Cal.-Santa Barbara

STAUFFER, BONNIE B., Program Developer II, Outreach Program Office, 1996. B.A., M.S., New Mexico; Ed.D., Northern

STAUFFER, ROBERT W., Visiting Assistant Professor (Health & Human Performance), 1996. B.S., Frostburg State; M.Ed., Virginia; Ed.D., Temple

STEGALL, GERRYE C., Instructor (Nursing), 1993. B.S.N., Auburn; M.N., Emory

STEISS, JANET, Associate Professor, Scott-Ritchey Research, 1986, 1989. B.Sc., Waterloo; D.V.M., Guelph; Ph.D., Georgia

STELTENPOHL, MARK G., Associate Professor (Geology), 1989, 1994. B.S., M.S., Alabama; Ph.D., North Carolina

STEPHENS, ANGIE B., Advancement Officer II, Alumni Administration, 1994, 1998. B.A., Auburn

STEPHENS, LISA J., Contract & Grant Specialist, Institute for Bio. Detection Systs., 1995. B.A., Auburn

STEPHENS, MARGARET, Instructor (Foreign Language), 1989, 1996. B.J., M.A., Missouri

STEPHENSON, JOSEPH B., Associate Professor & Head (Music), 1967, 1991. B.M., M.M., Peabody Conservatory

STEPHENS, MARGARET, Instructor (Foreign Language), 1989, 1996. B.J., M.A., Missouri

STEVENSON, SANDRA S., Assistant Professor (Nursing), 1991. B.S.N., M.S.N., Alabama-Birmingham; Ed.S., Troy State; Ed.D., Auburn

STEWART, BETH B., Instructor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1997. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

STEWART, ELIZABETH A., Counselor II, Career & Student Services, 1987, 1997. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

STEWART, GENE B., Manager, DUC Technical Support, 1983, 1997. B.A., Texas Christian; M.S., Auburn

STEWART, JOHN M., Manager, DUC Technical Support, 1979, 1997. B.S., M.S., Auburn

STILLWELL, DEBRA D., Specialist II, DUC Applications Support, 1980, 1997.

STOKES, THOMAS A., Research Specialist, (Forestry), 1997. B.S., Auburn

STOKLEY, SUSAN L., Specialist, Program for Students with Disabilities, 1992, 1994. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

STONE, JAMES H., Executive Director Telecom. & ETV, 1968, 1997. B.A., David Lipscomb; M.A., Michigan State

STOREY, KAYE G., Director, Student Financial Aid, 1993, 1996. B.A., M.Ed., Auburn

STOREY, TODD A., Chief Air Transport Pilot, AU Aviation, 1984. B.S., Auburn

STRAIN, WILLIE L., Associate Professor (Journalism) 1955, 1991. B.S., M.Ed., Tuskegee; M.S., Wisconsin

STRAITON, THOMAS H., Librarian III & Head, Library, 1980, 1992. B.S., Auburn; M.L.S., Alabama

STRAWN, HARRY B., Professor (Coop. Ext.), 1969, 1988. B.S., North Carolina State; M.S., Ph.D., Tennessee

STRAWN, SARAH S., Manager (Nutrition & Food Science), 1977, 1995. B.S., North Carolina; M.S., Tennessee

STREITZ, FREDERICK H., Assistant Professor (Physics), 1995. B.S., Harvey Mudd; M.A., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins

STREITZ, WENDY, Associate Director, Technology Transfer, 1997. B.S.E., Harvey Mudd; M.S.E.E., Johns Hopkins

STRIBLING, HARRY L., Titled Associate Professor (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1985, 1997. B.S., South Carolina; M.S., Clemson; Ph.D., North Carolina State

STRIBLING, LEE, Associate Professor (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1985, 1997. B.S., South Carolina; M.S., Clemson; Ph.D., North Carolina State

STRICKLIN, SCOTT A., Associate Director, Sports Information, Athletic Dept., 1993. B.A., Mississippi State

STRINGFELLOW, DAVID A., Professor (Pathobiology), 1983, 1994. D.V.M., Cornell; M.S., Auburn

STRINGFELLOW, JOYCE S., Adjunct Instructor & Diag. (Microbiology), 1977, 1984. B.S., M.S., Auburn

STROTHER, GENE R., Associate Professor (Entomology), 1973, 1988. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., LSU

STROUD, JAMES E., Manager, Union Building Operations, 1974.

STROUP-GARDINER, MARY, Assistant Professor (Civil Engineering), 1997. B.S., M.S., Nevada; Ph.D., Minnesota

STRUEMPLER, BARBARA, Ext. Specialist & Professor (Nutrition & Food Science), 1984, 1997. B.S., Nebraska; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State

STUCKWISCH, STEPHEN E., Assistant Professor (Mathematics), 1982. B.A., SUNY-Binghampton; M.A., Ph.D., Arizona State

STUEBER, GREGORY F., Specialist II (Architecture, Des., Const.) 1997. B.A., Auburn

SUGG, JANET R., Lead Specialist, DUC Applications Support, 1981, 1994. B.A., N. Alabama

SUHLING, JEFFREY C., Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1985, 1990. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Wisconsin

SULLENGER, PAULA, Librarian III, Library, 1992, 1997. B.A., Alabama-Birmingham; M.S.L.S., North Carolina

SUMMERFORD, JAMES D., Instructor (Philosophy), 1997. B.A. Oberlin; M.A., Ohio State

SUMMERFORD, ROY, Senior Editor, University Relations, 1983, 1995. B.A., Auburn; M.S., Ga. Col.; M.S., Troy State

SUMMERVILLE, WILLIAM L., Instructor (Music), 1997. B.M., Alabama; M.M., Indiana; Mus.D., Michigan

SUNDERMANN, CHRISTINE, Alumni Professor (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1984, 1994. B.S., Iowa State; M.S., Ph.D., Georgia

SUTTON, CHARLOTTE D., Associate Professor (Management), 1986, 1995. B.A., M.B.A., Baylor; Ph.D., Texas A&M

SUTTON, DAVID L., Assistant Professor (Communication), 1993, 1995. B.A., Baylor; M.A., Auburn; Ph.D., Georgia

SWAIM, JANN B., Estimator/Expeditor, Adm.-Facilities, 1986, 1994.

SWAIM, STEVEN F., Professor, Scott-Ritchey Research, 1969, 1990. B.S., D.V.M., Kansas State; M.S., Auburn

SWAMIDASS, PAUL M., Professor (Management), 1992, 1996. B.E., Osmania; M.B.A., Ph.D., Washington

SWANGER, DAVID B., Master Specialist, DUC Technical Support, 1985. B.S., Auburn

SWANGO, LARRY J., Professor, Lab Animal Resources, 1972, 1996. B.S., D.V.M., Oklahoma State; Ph.D., Purdue

SWANN, STEPHEN H., Laboratory Manager (Chemistry), 1996. B.S., East Tennessee; M.S,. Tennessee

SWANSON, DONALD G., Professor (Physics), 1980, 1985. B.Theo., NW Christian; B.S., Oregon; M.S., Ph.D., Cal. Tech

SWORTZEL, KIRK A., Assistant Professor (Vocational & Adult Education), 1997. B.S., Virginia Tech; M.S., Tennessee; Ph.D., Ohio State

SZECHI, DANIEL, Titled Professor (History), 1988, 1995. B.A., Sheffield; Ph.D., St. Antony's

SZEDLMAYER, STEPHEN T., Ext. Specialist & Associate Professor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1990, 1995. B.A., Millersville; M.S., S. Florida; Ph.D., William & Mary

SZULGA, JERZY, Professor (Mathematics), 1987, 1994. M.S., Ph.D., Wroclaw-Poland

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