Faculty and Staff, L-N

The parenthetical designation after a faculty member's title indicates the department. The first date after the title indicates the year of first appointment to any position in the institution; the second, the year of appointment of present rank. If your information is not correct or not up-to-date, then fill out a Personnel Data Form (PDF) and send it to University Personnel Services in Langdon Hall.

LABAND, DAVID N., Professor & Head (Economics), 1994. B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic

LACY, WILLIAM H., Specialist III (Adm.-Vet. Med.), 1987, 1997.

LA HAIE, BRIAN J., Associate Professor (Architecture), 1986, 1994. B.S., Sou. Illinois; M.L.A., Illinois

LAMBERT, ANN W, Instructor (Nursing), 1993. B.S., Auburn; B.S.N., Auburn-Montgomery; M.S.N., South Alabama

LAMKE, LEANNE K., Professor (Human Development & Family Studies), 1985, 1995. B.A., North Dakota; M.S., Ph.D., Texas Tech

LAND, DAN H., Supervisor (Horticulture), 1982, 1989. B.S., Auburn

LANEY, JAMES W., Master Specialist, DUC Technical Support Services, 1983, 1997. B.S., Auburn

LANFORD, BOBBY L., Associate Professor (Forestry), 1978. B.S., M.S., Clemson; Ph.D., SUNY

LANGE, CLIFFORD R., Assistant Professor (Civil Engineering), 1993. B.A., New York-Buffalo; B.S., M.S., Ph.D., SUNY-Buffalo

LANIER, ELIZABETH L., Instructor (Forestry), 1996. M.Com., Auburn

LARGE, DONALD L., Executive Vice President, 1986, 1997. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

LARKIN, JOHN R., Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletic Dept., 1980. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

LARKIN, VIVIAN M., Academic Program Assistant III (Rehab& Special Educ.), 1996, 1997. B.S., Tuskegee; M.S.W., Alabama; Ph.D., Auburn

LARKIN, WILLIE D., Assistant Professor (Coop. Ext.), 1984. B.S., M.Ed., Tuskegee; Ph.D., Ohio State

LAROCQUE, DANIEL J., Associate Professor (Theatre), 1990, 1994. B.A., Moorehead State; M.F.A., Washington

LAROUX, LEONARD, Professor (Art), 1985, 1997. B.A., M.F.A., Illinois-Edwardsville; M.A., SUNY-Albany

LARSEN, ERIC P., Visiting Assistant Professor (Mathematics), 1989, 1997 B.S., M.S., Auburn

LASTER, CAREY P., Instructor (Pathobiology), 1994, 1998. D.V.M., Auburn

LATIMER, DAN R., Professor (English), 1972, 1989. B.A., Texas; M.A., Ph.D., Michigan

LATIMER, RENATE S., Associate Professor (Foreign Languages & Literatures), 1973, 1984. A.B., Wayne State; M.A., Ph.D., Michigan

LATOUR, CAROLINE L., Pharmacist (Adm.-Pharmacy), 1996. B.S., Auburn; M.S., Mississippi

LATOUR, MICHAEL S., Professor (Mrktg. & Transp.), 1991, 1997. B.B.A., M.B.A., Boise State; Ph.D., Mississippi

LAU, TIN-MAN, Associate Professor (Indust. Engineering), 1986, 1991. B.S., National Taiwan; M.A., Ohio State

LAUER, DWIGHT K., Senior Research Associate (Forestry), 1989, 1993. B.S., North Carolina State; M.S., Georgia

LAUERMAN, LLOYD, Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Ag. & Industry, 1985. D.V.M., Washington State; Ph.D., Wisconsin

LAUFER, MARILYN, Instructor (Art), 1996. B.A., Souglass; M.A., New Mexico; Ph.D., Washington

LAUMER, J. FORD, JR., Director & Associate Professor (Marketing & Transportation), 1973, 1995. B.C.E., M.B.A., Auburn; Ph.D., Georgia

LAWING, FRANK, Professor and Head (Military Science), 1996. B.A., Auburn; M.A., Webster

LAWRENCE, JAMES D., Counselor III, Student Development Services, 1987, 1997. B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., Auburn

LAWRIE, SAMANTHA A., Instructor (Art), 1997. B.F.A., M.Ed., Auburn

LAWRY, THOMAS H., Visiting Assistant Professor (Psychology), 1993. B.A., Texas; M.A., Ph.D., Southern Illinois

LAWTON, JACK C., Lead Specialist, Auburn Conference Center, 1990, 1994. B.S., M.B.A., Auburn

LECHNER, JUDITH V., Associate Professor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology), 1988, 1993. B.S., CCNY; M.L.S., Columbia; M.S.Ed., Auburn; Ph.D., California

LECHNER, NORBERT M., Professor (Building Science), 1974, 1992. B.Arch. CCNY; M.S., Columbia

LEDBETTER, FRANCES T., Accountant I, Auburn Conference Center, 1994. B.S., B.S., Auburn

LEDBETTER, JERRY, Supervisor, Facilities, 1982, 1990.

LEDBETTER, LINDA H., Assistant Manager, Bursar's Office, 1981, 1993.

LEDBETTER, MARTY D., Clinical Instructor (Nursing), 1998. B.S.N., AuburnLEDFORD, BRUCE R., Associate Professor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology), 1985. B.S., M.A., Ed.D., East Tennessee State

LEE, CATHERINE, Director, AU Bookstore, 1997. B.B.A., Kent State

LEE, JAY H., Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1991, 1995. B.S., Washington; Ph.D., Cal Tech

LEE, MARGIE R., Instructor (Music), 1994. B.S., Kent State

LEE, MING-KUO, Assistant Professor (Geology), 1995. B.S., National Taiwan; M.S., Ph.D., Illinois-Urbana

LEE, SOO-YOUNG, Associate Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1995. B.S., Seoul National; M.S., Korea Adv. Inst.; Ph.D., Texas

LEE, SUNG C., Visiting Associate Professor (Civil Engineering), 1994. B.S., Seoul National; M.S., Oregon State; Ph.D., Auburn

LEE, TAMERA P., Librarian III & Head, Library, 1990, 1994. B.S., M.L.S., LSU

LEE, YOON Y., Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1974, 1984. B.S., Seoul National; M.S., South Carolina; Ph.D., Iowa State

LENARD, TOMMY C., Producer/Director IV, Telecom. & ETV, 1976.

LENOIR, CLINTON H., Management Scientist, External Affairs/ATAC, 1982, 1990. B.S., B.S., M.B.A., Auburn

LENZ, STEPHEN D., Associate Professor (Pathobiology), 1991, 1996. D.V.M., Ph.D., Purdue

LEONARD, DOUGLAS A., Associate Professor (Discrete & Statistical Sciences), 1981, 1986. B.S., Michigan; Ph.D., Ohio State

LEPSIG, STEPHANIE M., Research Assistant (Human Development & Family Studies), 1993. B.A., Albion

LESTER, WILLIAM M., Lead Specialist, DUC Technical Support, 1991, 1995. B.S., Auburn

LETT, SHEILA, Specialist, Personnel, 1990, 1994. B.A., Auburn

LETT, VIOLET S., Assistant Director, Accounts Payable, 1995.

LEVETT, OTHEREA, Supervisor, Facilities, 1978, 1989.

LEWIS, BRUCE R., Advisor, President's Office, 1982, 1997. B.S., E. Kentucky; M.S., New Mexico State; Ph.D., Auburn

LEWIS, CORNELIA T., Academic Counselor I, Athletic Dept. 1997. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

LEWIS, JEFFREY S., Associate Professor (Art), 1988, 1993. B.A., SUNY-Brockport; M.A., M.F.A., Iowa

LEWIS, PHILIP M., Professor (Psychology), 1977, 1984. A.B., Hamilton; M.A., Ph.D., Syracuse

LEWIS, RONALD D., Associate Professor (Geology), 1984, 1991. B.S., Iowa; Ph.D., Texas

LEWIS, W. DAVID, Distinguished University Professor (History), 1971, 1994. B.A., M.A., Penn State; Ph.D., Cornell

LEY, TERRY C., Professor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1974, 1987. B.A., N. Iowa; M.A., Ph.D., Iowa

LI, PING, Research Assistant (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1996. B.S., Fujian

LI, RUHUI, Research Associate III (Plant Pathology), 1997, 1998. B.S., Yunnan; Ph.D., Florida

LIAO, MING, Professor (Mathematics), 1990, 1997. Ph.D., Stanford

LIDDLE, BECKY J., Associate Professor (Counseling & Counseling Psychology), 1991, 1997. B.A., Oberlin; M.Ed., James Madison; Ph.D., North Carolina

LIEN, ROGER J., Associate Professor (Poultry Science), 1989, 1995. B.S., M.S., Texas A&M; Ph.D., North Carolina State


LIN, CHING M., Research Associate (Animal & Dairy Science), 1979, 1987. B.S., National Taiwan; M.S., Ph.D., Auburn

LIN, HUI-CHU, Associate Professor (Large Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1990, 1996. B.V.Sc., National Ping Tong; M.S., Illinois

LIN, YU, Assistant Professor (Physics) 1994. B.S.,Peking; M.S., Inst. Geophysics; Ph.D., Alaska

LINCH, EUGENE T., Technician (Radiology), 1990.

LINDNER, CHARLES C., Professor (Discrete & Statistical Sciences), 1969, 1990. B.S., Presbyterian; M.S., Ph.D., Emory

LINDSEY, JAMES R., Adjunct Professor (Pathobiology), 1982. B.S., D.V.M., Georgia; M.S., Auburn

LIPHAM, STEVE R., Associate Superintendent, Facilities, 1976, 1995.

LISANO, BRINDA P., Assistant to the Dean I (VP-Academic Affairs) 1985, 1994.

LISANO, MICHAEL, Associate Dean (Graduate School), 1970, 1997. B.S., M.S., Sam Houston; Ph.D., Texas A&M

LISHAK, ROBERT S., Associate Professor (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1976. B.A., Seton Hall; Ph.D., Ohio State

LITTLETON, DOROTHY W., Advisor (Adm.-Liberal Arts), 1996. B.A., Auburn; J.D., North Carolina

LITTLETON, GEORGE B., Instructor (English), 1995. B.A., M.A., Auburn

LITTLETON, MARY W., Associate Editor, (English), 1989, 1993. B.A., Auburn

LIM, ALVIN SEK S., Assistant Professor (Computer Sci. & Engineering), 1997. B.E., Malaya; M.S., Indiana; Ph.D., Wisconsin

LIU, ZHANJIANG, Assistant Professor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1995. B.S., Northwestern; M.S., Ph.D., Minnesota

LIVANT, PETER D., Associate Professor (Chemistry), 1977, 1984. B.S., Comm. Coll. New York; Ph.D., Brown

LIVERANCE, DARWIN D., Director, Personnel Services, 1987. B.A., Michigan State; M.Ed., Indiana

LOCKABY, BRUCE G., Alumni Professor (Forestry), 1986, 1993. B.S., M.S., Clemson; Ph.D., Mississippi State

LOCKHART, DAVID, Assistant Manager, Food Services, 1955, 1991.

LOCKLAR, MARTHA S., Assistant, Recruiting, Athletic Dept., 1977, 1984.

LOCKROW, A. LYNN, Associate Professor (Theatre), 1985, 1991. B.S., E. Tennessee State; M.F.A., North Carolina

LOCY, ROBERT D., Associate Professor & Director (Botany-Microbiology), 1991. A.B., Defiance; Ph.D., Purdue

LODEN, D. KEVIN, Associate Editor, University Relations, 1985, 1994. B.A., Auburn

LODEN, JO ANN J., Senior Academic Advisor (Electrical Engineering), 1983, 1991. B.S., N. Alabama; M.Ed., Auburn

LONERGAN, ELISABETH J. H., Assistant Professor (Animal & Dairy Sciences), 1995.B.S., Missouri; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State

LONERGAN, STEVEN M., Assistant Professor (Animal & Dairy Sciences), 1995.B.S., M.S., Iowa State; Ph.D., Nebraska

LONG, JAMES E., Titled Professor (Economics), 1974, 1994. A.B., Erskine; M.S., Ph.D., Florida State

LONG, LARRY R., Advancement Officer III, Alumni & Development, 1985, 1990. B.S., Montevallo; M.S., Troy State

LONG, LORENA F., Specialist II, Adm.-Research, 1985, 1997. B.A., Auburn

LONG, MELISSA A., Supervisor, , Telecommunications & ETV, 1995. 1996. B.S., North Alabama

LORD, RESA A., Clinical Instructor (Nursing), 1996.

LOTHROP, CLINTON D., Titled Professor, Ritchey Research, 1992, 1997. D.V.M., Ph.D., Tennessee

LOVE, CATHERINE C., Director, Facilities, 1984, 1992. B.S., Georgia Tech

LOVE, THOMAS A., Associate Professor (Building Science), 1987, 1993. B.S., Auburn; M.S., Colorado State

LOVELL, RICHARD T., Distinguished University Professor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1969, 1995. B.S., M.S., Oklahoma State; Ph.D., LSU

LOVETT, GARNETTA L., Assistant Professor (Art), 1993, 1994. B.F.A., Berger: M.Ed., Long Island

LOVSHIN, LEONARD L., Professor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1972, 1985. B.S., Miami; M.S., Wisconsin; Ph.D., Auburn

LOWRY, ANGELA P., Assistant Editor, Alumni Development, 1997. B.A., Alabama

LOWRY, GEORGE R., News Bureau Editor, University Relations, 1990. B.S., Huntingdon

LOWRY, JAMES L., Professor & Coordinator (Electrical Engineering), 1963, 1984. B.E.E., M.E., Auburn; Ph.D., Florida

LOWTHER, G. SAM, Executive Director, Planning & Analysis, 1978, 1993. B.S., M.B.A., Auburn

LU, TAO, Specialist III, DUC Technical Support, 1996, 1997. B.A., Nankai; B.S., Columbus Col.; M.B.A., York

LUCAS, WALTER, Instructor (Finance), 1995. B.S., South Carolina; M.A., Appalachian State; Ed.D., Oklahoma State

LUND, GREGORY N., Manager, Transportation Services, Public Safety, 1979, 1997. B.S., Auburn

LUNDBERG, JOHN B., Assistant Professor (Aerospace Engineering), 1994. B.S., MIT; M.S., Ph.D., Texas

LUNDELL, CLARK E., Professor & Head (Industrial Design), 1977, 1991. B.E.D., M.Arch., Texas A&M

LUNDEY, ELIZABETH, Assistant Director, Student Financial Aid, 1993. B.A., M.Ed.

LUNDY, ELIZABETH, Instructor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology), 1993, 1997. B.A., M.Ed., Auburn

LUSTIG, DANIEL C., Assistant Professor (Rehabilitation & Special Education), 1995. B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Wisconsin: M.S.N., Michigan

LUTHER, WILLIAM A., Director, Research Development, Adm.-VP for Research, 1985, 1988. B.S., West Point; M.A., Auburn

LUZZO, DARRELL A., Assistant Professor (Counseling & Counseling Psychology), 1996. B.A., California; M.A., Ph.D., UCLA

LYNN, BILLIE G., Instructor (Art), 1997. B.A., Newcomb; M.E.A., San Francisco

MACDONALD, APRIL, Instructor (Music), 1997. B.S., M.M., Missouri

MacDONALD, JOHN M., Associate Professor (Small Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1980, 1983. B.Ed., M.Ed., Plymouth State; D.V.M., Cornell

MACDOUGALL, DANIEL M., Specialist III (Adm.-COSAM), 1996, 1997. B.S., Arizona State

MACEINA, MICHAEL J., Associate Professor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1990, 1994. B.S., M.S., Florida; Ph.D., Texas A&M

MACHAN, TIBOR R., Professor (Philosophy),1986. B.A., McKenna; M.A., NYU; Ph.D., California-Santa Barbara

MacINTIRE, DOUGLASS K., Associate Professor (Small Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1990, 1996. B.A., Denison; B.S., D.V.M., Texas A&M; M.S., Auburn

MACK, CHARLES G., Director, Adm.-Facilities, 1987, 1991. B.A., Miami

MACKENZIE, MARK D., Assistant Professor (Forestry), 1995. B.A., Kalamazoo; M.S., S. Illinois; Ph.D., Tennessee

MACKENZIE, MARY A., Accountant III, Contracts & Grants, 1997. B.S., M.Ac., Tennessee

MACKOWSKI, DANIEL W., Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1990, 1995. B.S., Centre; M.S., Ph.D., Kentucky

MADDOX, DAVID K., Assistant Director, Housing & Res. Life, 1985, 1986. B.S., Auburn

MADRIGAL, JOSÉ A., Professor & Chair (Foreign Languages & Literatures), 1970, 1995. B.A., M.A., Michigan State; Ph.D., Kentucky

MADSEN, FRANCES A., Instructor (Human Dev. & Family Studies), 1997. B.S., Auburn

MADSEN, NELS H., Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1978, 1984. B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Iowa

MAGEE, OWEN L., Specialist III ,DUC Technical Support ,1997. B.S., Alabama-Huntsville

MAGHSOODLOO, SAEED, Professor (Indust. Engineering), 1969, 1984. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn

MAGNESS, LARRY G., Visiting Assistant Professor (Marketing & Transportation), 1984, 1990. B.S., Arkansas State; M.B.A., Ph.D., Arkansas

MAHAN, MICHAEL P., Director, Athletic Dept., 1992, 1993. B.S., M.A., Ed.D., Ball State

MAHAN, PAMELA L., Instructor (Health & Human Performance), 1992, 1993. B.S., M.A., Ball State

MAKARCHUK, LISA G., Medical Illustrator (Adm.-Vet. Med.), 1996. B.P.S., Nebraska; M.A., Johns Hopkins

MALLICK, RAJIB B., Senior Research Associate, Asphalt Technology Ctr., 1996. B.C.E., Jadaypur; M.S., Ph.D., Auburn

MALLOY, MICHAEL J., Associate Professor (Clinical Pharmacy), 1989, 1994. B.S., Miami; B.S., Florida; Pharm.D., SUNY

MAMMANA, MARIA F., Instructor (Discrete & Statistical Science), 1997. B.S., Catania

MANGES, DAVID J., Assistant Professor (Military Science), 1996. B.A., North Georgia

MANLEY, MARGARET W., Provost's Secretary, Provost & VP-Academic Affairs, 1974, 1993.

MANNING, BRUCE B., Senior Research Associate (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1994. B.S., Rutgers; M.S., Washington State; M.Aq., Auburn

MANNING, JOHN H., Supervisor (Adm.-Engineering), 1984, 1990. B.S., Faulkner

MANSFIELD, PHILIP D., Associate Professor (Small Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1978, 1996. D.V.M., Auburn

MAPLES, GLENNON, Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1966, 1976. B.S., M.S., Mississippi State; Ph.D., Oklahoma State

MARCINKO, DOROTHY K., Librarian III & Head, Library, 1975, 1992. A.B., Philippines; M.L.S., Texas Womans; Ed.S., Auburn

MARCUM, BRIAN L., Accountant III, Alumni Development, 1997. B.B.A., Louisville

MARGHITU, DAN B., Assistant Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1994. D.E., Craiova; D.E.A., Paul Sabatier; Ph.D., SMU

MARGHITU, DANIELA, Instructor (Computer Science & Engineering), 1996. M.S., Polytechnic Inst.

MARION, ELIZABETH M., Clinical Instructor (Nursing), 1994. B.S.N., Auburn

MARION, JAMES E., Dean of Agriculture, and Director, Agricultural Experiment Station, 1988, 1997. B.S., Berea; M.S., Kentucky; Ph.D., Georgia

MARKLE, CALVIN C., Enrollment Mgmt. Assistant I, Student Financial Aid, 1996, 1997. B.A., Auburn

MARSHALL, ARVLE E., Associate Professor (Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology), 1982, 1988. B.S., Texas Tech; D.V.M., Texas A&M; Ph.D., Missouri

MARSHALL, THOMAS E., Associate Professor (Management), 1992, 1997. B.S., LSU; Ph.D., Texas

MARTIN, CHARLES D., Associate Editor (Adm.-Vet. Med.) 1998. B.S., North Alabama; M.A., Alabama

MARTIN, ELLEN H., Instructor (Health & Human Performance), 1996. B.S., Troy State M.S., Tennessee

MARTIN, FRANCES S., Specialist III, DUC Technical Support, 1980, 1997. B.S., Auburn

MARTIN, JANICE C., Clinical Instructor (Nursing), 1998. B.S.N., Auburn

MARTIN, MARY H., Lead Specialist, DUC Technical Support, 1986, 1997. B.S., Alabama; M.I.S., Auburn

MARTIN, NEIL R., Professor (Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology), 1977, 1987. B.S., M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Illinois

MARTIN, RICHARD H., Senior Research Associate (Forestry), 1978, 1993. B.S., M.S., Tennessee

MARTINEZ, NATALIA, Research Associate II (Plant Pathology), 1993, 1998. B.S., De Los Andes; M.S., Virginia Tech

MARTINSON, TOM L., Professor (Geography), 1987, 1994. B.A., Oregon; Ph.D., Kansas

MASK, COMER C., Supervisor, Facilities, 1980, 1995.

MASK, PAUL L., Associate Professor (Agronomy & Soils), 1982, 1988. B.S., Ga. State; M.S., Georgia; Ph.D., Ohio State

MASON, ROBERT A., Manager, Scientific Supply Store, 1990. B.S., Tampa

MASSER, JULIA M., Lead Specialist, DUC Applications Support ,1994, 1997. B.S., Purdue; M.Ed., Auburn

MASSER, MICHAEL P., Associate Professor (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1989, 1993. B.A., Texas; M.A., Incarnate Word; Ph.D., Texas A&M

MATTHEWS, BRUCE E. Instructor (History), 1991, 1996. B.A., M.A., Salisbury State

MATHEWS, CAROLYN G., Instructor (Health & Human Performance), 1990. B.A., Birmingham Sou.; M.Ed., Auburn

MATHEWS, JERRY G., Assistant Professor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology), 1997. B.S., Ed.S., Northeast Louisiana; M.Ed., Auburn; Ph.D., Mississippi State

MATTHEWS, BRUCE E., Academic Advisor (Adm.-Liberal Arts), 1997. B.A., M.A., Salisbury State

MATTHEWS, MAURICE S., Director, VP for Extension, 1977, 1997. B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., Virginia

MATTOX, KATHIE L., Assistant Director, Honors College, 1993., B.A., Judson; M.S., Auburn

MAXWELL, JOHNNY K., Instructor (Civil Engineering), 1994. B.S., M.C.E., Auburn

MAXWELL, MELISSA, Greenhouse Supervisor, Landscape Service, 1987, 1996.

MAZAHERI, H. JEAN, Associate Professor (Foreign Languages & Literatures), 1989, 1994. B.A., Tehran; M.A., Provence; M.F.A., Des Beaux Arts: Ph.D., Brown

McADAMS, PATRICIA D., Associate Professor & Head (Theatre), 1991. B.S., Oklahoma Baptist; M.A., Denver; Ph.D., Colorado

McARTHUR, FRANCES C., Assistant to the Dean II, Library, 1969.

McCALL, CYNTHIA A., Assistant Professor (Animal & Dairy Science), 1989. B.S., Tennessee; M.S., Ph.D., Texas A&M

McCARTHY, JOHN R., Assistant Director (Civil Engineering), 1995. B.C.E., M.S.C.E., Auburn

McCASKEY, THOMAS A., Professor (Animal & Dairy Science), 1967, 1982. B.S., Ohio; M.S., Ph.D., Purdue

MCCAULEY, WAYNE H., Senior Research Associate (Animal & Dairy Sciences), 1997. B.S., M.S., Kansas State

MCCLAIN, ALIECIA R., Assistant Professor (Textile Engineering), 1998.

McCLAIN, WILLIAM D., Manager, Food Services, 1983, 1993.

McCLANAHAN, MICHAEL C., Instructor (Rehabilitation & Special Education), 1988, 1994. B.S., Auburn; M.Ed., Georgia

MCCLELLAND, KATHLEEN A., Instructor (English), 1995. B.A., Huntingdon; M.Ed., Auburn-Montgomery; Ph.D., NYU

McCONATHA, BARRY J., Research Associate (Pharmacy Care Sys.), 1981, 1990. B.A., Alabama; M.A., Auburn

McCORD, BRENDA L., Senior Academic Advisor (Adm.-Human Sciences), 1986, 1987. B.A., Auburn

McCORD, SAMMY O., Associate Professor (Finance), 1973, 1989. A.B., LaGrange; M.B.A., Auburn; Ph.D., Arizona

McCORMICK, ELIZABETH L., Manager, Payroll & Employee Benefits, 1972.

McCORMICK, ROBERT F., Research Superintendent (Agronomy & Soils), 1966. B.S., Mississippi State

McCOY, JAMES F., Associate Professor (Psychology), 1973. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Memphis State

McCOY, JANET L., Associate Editor, University Relations, 1986, 1988. B.S., Troy State

McCLELLAND, KATHLEEN A., Instructor (English), 1995. B.A., Huntingdon; M.Ed., Auburn-Montgomery; Ph.D., New York

McCREARY, CAROLYN L., Associate Professor (Computer Science & Engineering), 1989, 1993. B.A., Gettysbury; M.A., Ph.D., Colorado

McCROBIE, LORI A., Senior Auditor, Internal Auditing, 1993. B.S., Akron

McCULLERS, GAIL H., Director, Housing & Res. Life, 1966. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

MCCURDY, DOROTHY B., Work Management Supervisor, Facilities Division, 1989, 1996.

McCURLEY, HENRY H., Librarian III, Library, 1989, 1996. A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Georgia; M.L.M., South Carolina

McDANIEL, CHARLOTTE E., Medical Technologist (Pathobiology), 1974. B.S., Auburn

MCDANIEL, GAYNER R., Professor (Poultry Science), 1998. B.S., M.S., Auburn Ph.D., Kansas State

MCDANIEL, NANCY, Director, Student Success Center, 1992, 1997. B.S Kent State; M.Ed., Ed.D., Auburn

McDANIEL, RANDALL S., Professor (Rehabilitation & Special Education), 1974, 1987. B.S.O.T., M.R.C., Florida; Ed.D., Auburn

McDONALD, LAURA, Interior Designer, Facilities, 1986. B.I.D., Auburn

McDONOUGH, JAMES L., Professor (History), 1988. B.A., David Lipscomb; M.A., Abilene Christian; Ph.D. Florida State

McDONOUGH, SHARON L., Instructor (Foreign Languages & Literatures), 1996. B.A., David Lipscomb; M.Ed., M.F.S., Auburn

McDURMONT, BENNIE, Counselor, Student Development Services, 1992, 1993. B.S., Troy State; M.Ed., Auburn-Montgomery

McELDOWNEY, RENÉ P., Assistant Professor (Political Science), 1992, 1994. B.A., West Virginia College; M.B.A., Marshall

McFARLAND, STEPHEN L., Interim Associate Dean & Professor (History), 1981, 1997. Ph.D., Texas

McGEE, DAVID J., Research Associate (Animal & Dairy Sciences, 1988, 1994. B.A., M.S., Auburn

MCGLYNN, BRENDA G., Nurse Practitioner (Nursing), 1996.

McGLYNN, FRANCIS D., Professor (Psychology), 1990. M.A., Missouri Valley; M.A., Ph.D., Missouri

McINROY, JOHN A., Research Associate III (Plant Pathology), 1989, 1998. B.S., M.S., Auburn

McKEE, MICHAEL L., Professor (Chemistry), 1981, 1994. B.S., Lamar; Ph.D., Texas

McKELLY, JAMES, Associate Professor (English), 1990, 1997. B.A., Walbank; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana

McLAUGHLIN, SUSAN A., Associate Professor (Small Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1989. M.S., Illinois; D.V.M., Purdue

MCLEAN, ROBYN M., Clinical Instructor (Nursing), 1998. R.N., Samford; B.S.N., Auburn

MCLENDON, SUZANNE J., Art Designer II (Adm. Engineering), 1995, 1996. B.S., Samford

McNABB, KENNETH L., Associate Professor (Forestry), 1989, 1994. B.S., M.S., Sou. Illinois; Ph.D., Florida

McVAY, JOHN R., Associate Professor (Entomology), 1976, 1988. B.S., N. Alabama; M.S., Auburn

MCVEY, REBECCA C., Academic Advisor (Adm.-Liberal Arts), 1997. B.S., Auburn

MEEK, GAIL S., Instructor (Sociology), 1996. B.S., Auburn; J.D., Jones Law

MEEKS, TIMOTHY A., Director of Marketing, Alumni Administration, 1996. B.A., Auburn

MEETZE, VICTORIA G., Business Office Manager, Athletic Department, 1984, 1994. B.A., Faulkner; M.S., Troy State

MEIR, AMNON, Associate Professor (Mathematics), 1989, 1994. B.Sc., Israel Inst. Tech; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon

MEJIAS, CARLOS E., Assistant Professor (Military Science), 1993. B.B.A., Cayey; M.A., Central Michigan

MELANCON, MICHAEL S., Associate Professor (History), 1984, 1990. B.A., Loyola; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana

MELDAHL, RALPH S., Assistant Professor (Forestry), 1979. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Wisconsin

MELLER, RUSSELL D., Associate Professor (Industrial Engineering), 1992, 1997. B.S.E., M.S.E., Ph.D., Michigan

MELTON, MINNIE E., Assistant to the Dean II, Library, 1972, 1994.

MELVILLE, JOEL G., Professor (Civil Engineering), 1979, 1995. B.S., Ph.D., Penn State; M.S., Texas

MELVIN, EMILY A., Assistant Dean (Adm.-Education), 1976, 1993. B.S., Old Dominion; M.Ed., Ed.D., Virginia

MENDONCA, MARY, Associate Professor (Zool.-Wildlife Science), 1991, 1997. B.A., Rutgers; M.S., Central Florida; Ph.D., California-Berkely

MENEZES, ALFRED J., Associate Professor (Discrete & Statistical Sciences), 1992, 1997. B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Waterloo

MENNIEFEE, KYONG, Accountant II (Chemical Engineering), 1992, 1997. B.S., Auburn

MERCER, MICHAEL L., Assistant Professor (Journalism), 1994. B.S., Lambuth

METCALF, HILARY B, Instructor (Communication), 1996. B.A., Washington U.; M.A., Auburn

MEYER, CRISTIN D., Program Advisor I, Career & Student Svcs., 1998. B.S., Auburn

MIDDLETON, RENEE', Assistant Professor & Director (Adm.-Education), 1990, 1994. B.A., Andrews; M.A., Tennessee; Ph.D., Auburn

MILAM, JAMIE M. , Program Advisor I, Foy Union, 1998. B.S., M.A., Montevallo

MILEY, GLENDA M., Manager, University Printing Service, 1994, 1996.

MILLER, EDITH A., Associate Professor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology), 1972. B.S., M.S., Southern Mississippi; Ed.D., Georgia

MILLER, MARY S., Assistant Professor (Agronomy & Soils), 1993. B.S., M.S., LSU; Ph.D., Colorado State

MILLER, MICHAEL S., Master Specialist, Academic Computing Services, 1985, 1997. B.S., M.S., Penn State

MILLER, PETER C., Instructor (Music), 1997. B,Mus., M.Ed., Georgia; M.M., Cincinnati

MILLER, RALPH E., Associate Professor (Theatre), 1974. B.S., Kent State; M.A., Kansas; Ph.D., Wayne State

MILLER, SCOTT H., Instructor (Building Science), 1990. B.S., Southern Mississippi

MILLER, STARR C., Pharmacist (Small Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1988. B.S., Auburn

MILLER, SUSIE J., Assistant to the Dean I (Nursing), 1975, 1993. B.S., Auburn

MILLER, VIKKI A., Administrator (Curriculum & Teaching), 1985. B.S., M.Ed., South Alabama; Ed.D., Auburn

MILLER, WILBUR R. Assistant Vice President, Alumni Development, 1997. B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., Missouri

MILLMAN, RICHARD G., Visiting Professor (Architecture), 1989. B.Arch., M.Arch., Michigan

MILLS, GERMAN, Associate Professor (Chemistry), 1989, 1995. M.S., Chile; Ph.D., Tech Univ.-Berlin

MILLY, KATHRYN A., Med. Tech. & Adjunct Instructor (Chemistry), 1989. B.S., M.S., Auburn; B.S., St. Margarets

MIN, HOKEY, Associate Professor (Marketing & Transportation), 1992, 1995. B.A., Hankuk; M.B.A., Yonsei; M.B.A., South Carolina; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State

MINC, JOANNA K., Medical Technologist (Pathobiology), 1983. M.S., Lodz

MINC, PIOTR, Professor (Mathematics), 1982, 1989. M.S., Ph.D., Warsaw

MIRANDA, FRANCISCO, Assistant Professor (Foreign Language), 1994. B.A., California State; M.A., Yale

MIRARCHI, RALPH E., Professor (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1978, 1988. B.S., Muhlenberg; M.S., Ph.D., Va.Tech

MISHRA, ALPANA, Research Associate (Mechanical Engineering), 1998. B.S., M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D., Delhi

MISHRA, ASHUTOSH, Visiting Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering), 1996. B.Sc., Bihar; M.Tech., Ph.D., Indian Inst

MITCHAM, DONNA D., Accountant III, AU Conference Ctr., 1982, 1990. B.S., Auburn

MITCHELL, ALFRED H., Executive Director, Governmental Affairs, 1993. B.A., Auburn

MITCHELL, ANITA B., Medical Technologist (Pathobiology), 1987, 1988. B.S., Auburn

MITCHELL, CYNTHIA E., Librarian II, Library, 1997. B.A., Purdue; M.L.S., Indiana

MITCHELL, CHARLES C., Ext. Specialist & Professor (Agronomy & Soils), 1984, 1995. B.S., Birmingham Southern; M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Florida

MITRA, AMITAVA, Associate Dean (Adm.-Business) & Professor (Management), 1979, 1993. B.T., D.I.I.T., Indian Inst. Tech; M.S., Kentucky; Ph.D., Clemson

MITRA, SUJATA, Specialist III, DUC Technical Support, 1996. B.S., Calcutta; M.S., Auburn

MITREVSKI, GEORGE, Associate Professor (Foreign Languages & Literatures), 1983, 1995. B.A., SUNY; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State

MIXSON, A. DAVID, Program Assistant III, Division of External Affairs/ATAC, 1994. B.S., Auburn

MIZE, JACQUELYN, Associate Professor (Human Development & Family Studies), 1984, 1997. B.A., M.S., Georgia; Ph.D., Purdue

MOAR, WILLIAM J., Associate Professor (Entomology), 1990, 1996. B.A., B.S., B.S., Oregon State; M.S., Ph.D., California

MOCKBEE, SAMUEL, Professor (Architecture), 1991, 1992. B.Arch., Auburn

MOHAN, RAJ P., Professor (Sociology), 1973, 1984. B.S., Agra-India; M.A., Maine; Ph.D., North Carolina State

MOL, HENDRICK, Visiting Professor (Building Science), 1997. B.S.C.E., New Jersey Inst. Tech.; M.S.C.E., Stanford

MOLNAR, JOSEPH J., Professor (Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology), 1976, 1989. B.A., M.A., Kent State; Ph.D., Iowa State

MOLT, LAWRENCE F., Assistant Professor (Communication Disorders), 1995. M.S., S. Florida: Ph.D., Tennessee

MONCUS, DAVID L., Manager, Univ. Computing Services, 1983, 1997. B.S., Auburn; J.D., Jones Law

MONKS, CHARLES D., Associate Professor & Extension Specialist (Agronomy & Soils), 1993, 1997. B.S., Middle Tennessee State; M.S., Arkansas; Ph.D., Georgia

MONTGOMERY, RONALD D., Associate Professor (Small Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1990, 1995. D.V.M., M.S., Auburn

MONTJOY, ROBERT S., Director & Professor Economic Development Inst., 1979, 1995. B.A., Mississippi; M.A., Alabama; Ph.D., Indiana U.

MOON, CASSANDRA C., Librarian II, Library, 1997. B.A., M.A., Iowa; M.S., Iowa State

MOON, RANDY, Plant Services Director, Facilities, 1996. B.S., Auburn

MOORE, LARRY J., Manager, Vet. LRC, 1983, 1984. B.A., M.A., Auburn

MOORE, LORETTA, A., Associate Professor (Computer Science & Engineering), 1991, 1996. B.S., Jackson State; M.S., Ph.D., Illinois

MORA, SIXTUS E., Research Supervisor (Poultry Science), 1986, 1993.

MORACCO, ELIZABETH M., Counselor II, Student Counseling Svcs., 1993, 1996. B.A., M.Ed.,Ph.D., Auburn

MORACCO, JOHN C., Professor (Coun. & Coun. Psychology), 1977, 1990. B.S., SUNY; M.A., Arizona State; Ph.D., Iowa

MORAN, EDWIN T., Professor (Poultry Science), 1986. B.S., Rutgers; M.S., Ph.D., Washington State

MORAN, MICHAEL J., Associate Professor & Chair (Communication Disorders), 1983, 1996. B.S., E. Stroudsburg; M.A., Wichita State; Ph.D., Penn State

MOREMAN, MARK D., Administrator-Hospital (Large Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1981, 1986. B.S., Auburn

MORGAN-JONES, GARETH, Distinguished University Professor (Plant Pathology), 1973, 1994. B.Sc., D.Sc., Wales; M.Sc., Ph.D., Nottingham

MORGAN, CHERYL E., Professor (Architecture), 1992, 1995. B.A., B.Arch., Auburn; M.Arch., Illinois

MORGAN, JOE M., Associate Professor (Civil Engineering), 1971. B.S., Tennessee Tech; M.S., Ph.D., Virginia Tech.

MORGAN, JOHN S., Associate Professor (Art), 1981, 1987. B.F.A., Memphis; M.F.A., Syracuse

MORGAN, JULIA M., Associate Professor (Music), 1973, 1982. B.M., M.M., Alabama

MORGAN, R. GILLIS, Associate Professor (Journalism), 1977, 1984. B.A., M.A., Alabama

MORIARTY, C. MICHAEL, Associate Provost & Vice President for Research (Adm.-VP Research), 1994. B.S., Carnegie Mellon; M.S., Cornell; Ph.D., Rochester

MORLIER, MARGARET M., Assistant Professor (English), 1991. M.A., New Orleans; Ph.D., Tennessee

MORRIS, DREWRY H., Associate Professor (Foreign Languages & Literatures), 1974. A.B., Davidson; M.A., M.Phil., Yale; Ph.D., North Carolina

MORRIS, ERNESTINE, Advisor, Distance Learning & Outreach, 1988, 1993.

MORRIS, IVY, Nurse Practitioner, Student Hlth. Ctr., 1992. R.N., Univ. West Indies (Jamaica); N.P., Maharry Medical

MORRIS, KAREN R., Instructor (Foreign Language), 1996. B.A., M.H.S., Auburn

MORRIS, MELISSA M., Assistant Director, Accounts Payable, 1993, 1997. B.S., Auburn

MORRIS, TRELLYS A., Assistant Professor (Vocational & Adult Education), 1993, 1994. B.S., M.S., Ed.D., Oklahoma State

MORRISON, EDWARD E., Professor (Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology), 1990, 1997. B.S., Massachussets; M.S., Ph.D., Kansas State

MORRISON, NANCY E., Research Associate, Ritchey Research, 1994. B.S., M.S., S. Dakota State

MORROW, PATRICK D., Professor (English), 1975. A.B., Sou. California; M.A., Ph.D., Washington

MORTON, ANNE H., Coordinator, Athletic Dept., 1973, 1984.

MORTON, DORIS B., Associate Professor (English), 1989, 1991. B.A., Dillard; A.M.T., Radcliffe; M.A., Texas

MOSEBACH, MICHAEL, Visiting Assistant Professor (Accountancy), 1995. A.B., Oklahoma; B.S., Nevada; M.B.A., Sonoma State

MOSJIDIS, JORGE A., Professor (Agronomy & Soils), 1985, 1996. A.D., Chile; Ph.D., California

MOSLEY, MARILYN A., Academic Advisor (Adm.-Engineering), 1988, 1992. B.S., Auburn

MOSS, ANTHONY G., Assistant Professor (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1992 B.A., Johns Hopkins; Ph.D., Boston U.

MOSS, BUELON R., Professor (Animal & Dairy Science), 1983, 1984. B.S., Berea; Ph.D., Tennessee

MOUTON, JOHN C., Professor & Head (Building Science), 1992. B.S., NE Louisiana; M.B.C., Florida

MOYERS, JAMES E., Research Assistant III (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1994, 1997.

MUELLER, ELIZABETH H., Counselor, Student Counseling Services, 1993. B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., Auburn

MUIR, RONALD L., Research Associate (Forestry), 1996. B.S., Massachusetts; M.S., New Hampshire

MULLEN, GARY R., Professor (Entomology), 1975, 1989. B.A., Northeastern; M.S., Ph.D., Cornell

MULLINS, GREGORY L., Professor (Agronomy & Soils), 1985, 1996. B.S., Berea; M.S., Virginia Tech; Ph.D., Purdue

MULLINS, IRIS, Instructor (Nursing), 1993. B.S.N., Berea; M.S.N., Troy State

MULVANEY, DONALD R., Associate Professor (Animal & Dairy Science), 1983, 1991. A.S., L.L.C.C., Springfield; M.S., Ph.D., Michigan State

MUNDAY, CHARLES W., Associate Professor (Art), 1977, 1984. B.F.A., Tennessee; M.F.A., SUNY-Buffalo

MUNDAY, MARY M., Lead Facilitator, Auburn Conference Center, 1988, 1997.

MUNTIFERING, RUSSELL B., Professor (Animal and Dairy Sciences), 1990, 1996. B.S., M.S., California-Davis; Ph.D., Arizona

MURPHY, AMY B., Assistant Director (Accountancy), 1994. B.S., M.Ac., Auburn

MURPHY, JOHN F., Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology), 1994. B.S., Springfield; M.S., Clemson; Ph.D., Illinois

MURRAY, BRUCE A., Assistant Professor (Curriculum & Teaching), 1996. B.A., Quincy; M.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., Southwest Missouri; Ph.D., Georgia

MUSE, WILLIAM V., President & Professor (Marketing & Transportation), 1992, B.S., Northwestern State; M.B.A., Ph.D., Arkansas

MUSE, WILLIAM V., II, Enrollment Mgmt. Assistant II (Enrollment Management), 1997, M.A., Auburn

MUSGROVE, MARY B., Ext. Program Associate (Horticulture), 1994. B.S., North Alabama; M.S., Auburn

MUSSELWHITE, TROY C., Instructor (Finance), 1997. B.S.B.A., Florida; L.L.B., Stetson

MUSSO, RICHARD E., Associate Professor (Botany-Microbiology), 1991. B.S., Stanford; Ph.D., California-Los Angeles

MYERS, EMILY W., Director (Sociology), 1987, 1994. B.S., S. Maine; M.S.W., LSU

MYERS, KRISTINA C., Advancement Officer II, Alumni Administration, 1993, 1997. B.S., Auburn

MYERS, LAWRENCE J., Associate Professor (Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology), 1982, 1996. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Oklahoma State; D.V.M., Mississippi State

MYLES, DEBORA C., Instructor (Art), 1994, 1996. B.A., Auburn-Montgomery

MYRICK, ROGER K., Assistant Professor (Communication), 1994. B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Oklahoma

NADAR, THOMAS R., Associate Professor (Foreign Languages & Literatures), 1987, 1993. B.A., Notre Dame; M.A., Ph.D., Michigan

NAKHJAVAN, BEHZAD B., Associate Professor (Architecture), 1988, 1993. B.Arch., Mississippi State; M.Arch., Washington

NARAYANAN, N. HARI, Assistant Professor (Computer Science & Engineering), 1996. B.E., Birla; M.E., Indian Inst.; M.S., Rochester; Ph.D., Ohio State

NATARAAJAN, RAJAN,. Associate Professor (Marketing & Transportation), 1988, 1994. B.Tech., Indiana Inst. Tech.; M.B.A., McGill; Ph.D., Drexel

NAUGHTON, ALBERT S., Ticket Manager, Athletic Department, 1995. B.A., Auburn

NAVARRE, CHRISTINE B., Assistant Professor (Large Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1994. M.S., Texas A&M; M.D.V. LSU

NEELY, WILLIAM C., Professor (Chemistry), 1966, 1989. B.S., Mississippi State; M.S., Ph.D., LSU

NELL, CARLTON E., Associate Professor (Art), 1992, 1996. B.F.A., Auburn; B.F.A., Georgia State

NELMS, ROBERT M., Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1984, 1997. B.E.E., M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Virginia Tech

NELSON, BARBARA K., Librarian III, Library, 1978, 1990. B.A., Cent. Michigan; M.A., Michigan State; M.L.S., Michigan

NELSON, ROBERT G., Associate Professor (Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology), 1989, 1995. B.S., Oregon State; M.S., Auburn; Ph.D., Texas A&M

NELSON, VICTOR P., Associate Professor (Electrical Engineering), 1978, 1982. B.S.E.E., Kentucky; M.S., Ph.D., Ohio

NEMBHARD, DAVID A., Assistant Professor (Management), 1994. B.S., M.S., Case Western; M.S., Ph.D., Michigan

NEMBHARD, HARRIET B., Assistant Professor (Industrial Engineering), 1994. B.A., Claremont; B.S., Arizona State; M.S., Ph.D., Michigan

NESBITT, MONTE L., Ext. Specialist (Horticulture), 1994. B.S., Texas Tech; M.S., Texas A&M

NESDILL, DAUREEN, Research Associate (Forestry), 1993, 1995. B.S., SUNY; M.S., Auburn

NEUMAN, RONALD D., Titled Professor (Chemical Engineering), 1985, 1995. B.S., Washington; M.S., Ph.D., Inst. of Paper Chemistry

NEVIN, CHARLES W., Public Safety Director, AU Police Dept., 1980, 1997.

NEWELL, HERBERT, Supervisor, Facilities, 1990.

NEWKIRK, SANDRA B., Assistant Professor (Health & Human Performance), 1966. B.S., Purdue; M.S., M.S., Indiana

NEWLAND, M. CHRISTOPHER, Associate Professor (Psychology), 1988, 1991. B.E.E., Auburn; M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Tech

NEWTON, JOSEPH C., Associate Professor (Pathobiology), 1993. D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn

NEWTON, WILLIAM R., Supervisor, Facilities, 1984, 1986.

NICHOLS, AMY J., Research Associate (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1992, 1995.

NICHOLS, JENNIFER, Instructor (Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology), 1996. B.S., M.A., Ed.D., Auburn

NICOL, JEAN-PAUL, Instructor (Civil Engineering), 1984, 1994. B.S., Rensselaer; M.S., Hawaii; M.S., Ph.D., Auburn

NICOL, LIZABETH B., Manager, Library, 1984, 1997. B.S., Auburn

NIE, GARY J., Assistant Professor (Large Animal Surgery & Medicine), 1997. A.S., Air Force; B.S., D.V.M., M.S., Missouri; Ph.D., Minnesota

NIEBUHR, ROBERT E., Associate Professor & Head (Management), 1977, 1994. B.S., Cincinnati; M.S., Ph.D., Ohio State

NIELSEN, BRENT L., Associate Professor (Botany-Microbiology), 1988, 1993. B.S., BYU; Ph.D., Oregon State

NOLEN, ANDREW D., Research Assistant II, Inst. Bio. Detection Systs., 1997. B.A., Auburn

NOLEN, JULIE R., Development Coordinator, Alumni Administration, 1996. B.A., Auburn

NOREK, CHRISTOPHER D., Assistant Professor (Marketing & Transportation), 1997. B.S., Penn State; B.A., Ph.D., Ohio State; M.B.A., Tennessee

NORRIS, ELIZABETH W., Assistant Professor (Nursing), 1997. B.S.N., M.S.N., D.S.N., Alabama-Birmingham

NORRIS, DWIGHT R., Associate Professor (Management), 1977, 1984. B.S., Valdosta State; M.B.A., Ph.D., Georgia

NORTON, ROBERT A., Assistant Professor (Poultry Science), 1995. B.S., M.S., S. Illinois; Ph.D., Arkansas

NOVAK, JAMES L., Ext. Specialist & Professor (Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology), 1985, 1995. B.S., M.S., New Hampshire; Ph.D., Clemson

NOVAK, JENNIFER A., Instructor (Zoology-Wildlife Science), 1992, 1995. B.S., Appalachian State

NOWICKI, NANCY J., Executive Assistant, Provost Office, 1985, 1995.

NOYES, ANDREW D., Research Assistant II (Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures), 1997. B.A., West Virginia

NUNN, CHRIS D., Coordinator (Psychology), 1998. B.A., Auburn

NUNNALLY, THOMAS, Associate Professor (English), 1984, 1992. B.A., Alabama; M.A., Ph.D., Georgia

NUNNELLY, SUSAN, Associate Director, Intramural Sports, 1973, 1985. B.S., M.Ed., Auburn

NUSBAUM, KENNETH E., Associate Professor (Pathobiology), 1982, 1989. B.S., D.V.M., Cornell; M.S., Ph.D., Georgia

NYLEN, PETER M., Associate Professor (Mathematics), 1989, 1994. B.S., Stetson; M.S., Ph.D., Clemson

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