AU Bulletin 2001-2002
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Cover 1
General Policies
Administration 3
Calendar 2001-2002 4
Graduate Calendar 2001-2002 5
The University 6-8
Academic Policies 8-20
Financial Information 21-25
Student Services 26-29
School and College Curricula29
College of Agriculture 30-35
College of Architecture, Design and Construction36-39
College of Business 40-45
College of Education 46-55
College of Engineering 56-65
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences66-68
College of Human Sciences 69-72
College of Liberal Arts 73-83
School of Nursing 84-85
School of Pharmacy 86-87
College of Sciences and Mathematics 88-97
College of Veterinary Medicine 98-99
The Graduate School 100-123
Reserve Officers’ Training Corps 124-126
Courses of Instruction 127-225
Faculty 226-238
Emeriti 239-242
Agricultural Experiment Station 243-245
Cooperative Extension System 245-249
Enrollment Statistics 250-253