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In order to join the Black Student Union, you must fill out a membership form either at the office, weekly meetings, or by clicking the link below to download.

The following membership information is from Article II of the Black Student Union Constitution:

Section 1: Membership in the Black Student Union shall be eligible to any student enrolled at Auburn University, who is interested in improving human relations in general, and the quality of life for black students in particular, on the campus of Auburn University.

Section 2: To obtain active member status, students must complete the membership application, and must attend a minimum of eight (8) meetings annually.

Section 3: A friend of the Black Student Union is any person that is on the faculty or staff of Auburn University, a former member of the Black Student Union, or a member of the community who wishes to support the mission of the Black Student Union. This membership status does not include the right to vote or hold office. Friends of the Black Student Union are invited to attend meetings and events of the organization, as well as offer support to the mission of the Black Student Union.

Section 4: Members may renew their membership the following academic year. Members will obtain renewed membership only if enrolled at Auburn University.

Section 5: Membership benefits:
A. The right to vote in any General Assembly meeting
B. The right to be recognized in the assembly
C. The right to take advantage of all events sponsored by the Black Student Union.

Section 6: Membership responsibilities:
A. Responsible for keeping good attendance at meetings
B. Responsible for keeping membership active
C. Responsible for reading, knowing, and adhering to the constitution and Bylaws that govern this organization

Click here for membership forms