posted July 8, 2013

Hey, everyone! Paige here. I’m going to give you an idea of what gameday looks like as a member of the AUMB (I based this schedule on an actual game from last season). There’s nothing quite like a football game in Jordan-Hare, and hopefully this pumps you up for our first game of the 2013 season!

7:30 A.M.: Wake up! I shoot a few texts to my AUMB friends to make sure they’re not still snoozing.

8:15 A.M.: I round up my instrument, uniform, and shako, and head to the field. I can hear the percussion warming up all the way from the Village!

8:30 A.M.: Start warm-ups. If you’re lucky, the trombones will surround your section to play War Eagle!

11:00 AM.: Rehearsal ends with a pep talk from Dr. Spurlin, and then we all circle up to sing the Alma Mater—this is one of my favorite parts of gameday.

12:00 PM: The visiting band happens to be using our field to practice, so I get a nice break to tailgate with some of the tenor families! Nothing better than barbeque and a quick nap.

4:00 PM: My pep band is doing Tiger Walk this week, so I get to play some of our school tunes as the coaches, team, cheerleaders, and Aubie head in to the stadium.

4:40 PM: Spirit March begins: the band is split into four groups that march simultaneously down to the intersection of Donahue and Heisman. We meet all together to play a few tunes and pump up the crowd before marching into the stadium.

5:07 PM: I find my place in the full-band block, and we march around the stadium playing Glory and War Eagle. I love trying to find people I know when we pause to face the student section!

5:30 PM: This is my favorite time to take section pictures—we love dancing around and getting pumped up before pregame.

5:50 PM: At this point, my heart is pumping a million miles a minute, the AUMB intro video is playing on the jumbotron, and pregame is about to begin! Here we go!

6:05 PM: KICK OFF! I gulp down some water and start cheering on our team!

10:00 PM: The game clock counts down its final seconds, and we end the game with a few more rounds of War Eagle and a final singing of the Alma Mater. We’re dismissed for the evening, and hopefully we head to Toomer’s Corner to celebrate an Auburn victory!

Can't wait for August!!

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