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posted June 20, 2014

War Eagle! On this edition of the RAT Blog, we will be featuring four very important people, the Auburn University Marching Band Drum Majors! That’s right, those white uniform-wearing, mace-carrying, cheer-calling folks. This week, the Drum Majors will be sharing their favorite Auburn traditions. While I think we can all agree that every Auburn tradition is the best, they have picked out the one that means a lot to them.  We hope y’all enjoy reading their post, and hey, you just might learn something new!

Gerritt Keaton 

My favorite tradition is one that is very special to the Auburn Family as it is the way we show our spirit each and every day. This tradition is that of the interlocking AU which fans wear upon their tshirts, is emblazoned on Jordan-Hare Stadium, and which the Auburn University Marching Band uses as a formation to exit the field to War Eagle.

The tradition began with Sophomore Fritz Siler in 1965. Siler was actually a bass drummer in the AUMB at the time when he saw a clip of the band on television. He noticed that the grey "A" that was on his bass drum (remember that television was still in black and white) was just too simple. With the help of his roommate using Indiana University's logo as inspiration, the famous interlocking AU was born. On A-Day in 1966, Siler debuted the logo on his bass drum in striking blue and orange. The rest is Auburn Tradition! 

Jake Finn

Of all the Auburn traditions, Tiger Walk has always been one of my favorites.  Thousands of fans line up outside the stadium before every home football game to cheer on the Tigers.  It is a tradition that started in the 1960s as a group of fans would walk up and down the streets of Auburn asking for autographs of the football players.  As more and more fans started participating, it became a regular event!  Auburn is the first team to make such an event out of the players’ entrance into the stadium. The event is now accompanied by the Auburn University Marching Band, Auburn Cheerleaders, and who could forget everyone’s favorite tiger?  Most of all, I love that this along with so many other traditions is another way for Auburn fans to show their true loyalty to the Auburn family and celebrate being together.  

Annie Scibetta

While I love pretty much every one of the various traditions Auburn has to offer, one that is very dear to my heart is "Callouts"! When an organization on campus wants to announce the new members for the coming year, they can hold a callout on the back porch of Cater Hall, located across from the Quad Center. They usually hold them at night and any Auburn student is allowed to come! It's a really unique and exciting way to welcome the new members of an organization. If you are called-out, you get to run up the back steps of Cater and celebrate with the other members. This tradition is where I had some of my most memorable experiences. From running up those steps myself and learning I would be apart of some incredible organizations to supporting my friends whose hard work and perseverance had paid off as well. It is a rewarding experience for everyone who attends and I'm sure all of you will live through at least one callout here at Auburn University!  

John Sieppel 

My favorite Auburn tradition is the Auburn-Georgia game, also known as The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. Most of the people I grew up with chose to attend UGA rather than making the good decision and going to Auburn, so while the Auburn-Georgia game may not have quite the intensity of the Auburn-Alabama rivalry, it's a little more personal for me. My favorite part of the rivalry is that no matter the animosity between the fans, the bands always have a good rapport. I love getting a chance to see all my friends in the Redcoat band perform!  

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