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First Year Freak-outs and Common Concerns
posted July 25, 2014

War Eagle everyone! It’s Adam again! (And now there’s only 2 weeks until Preseason Camp starts!!!) So, this week, the Blog is going to be all about common concerns and questions that we get from freshman and other first year Auburn students trying out for the marching band. Coming to college is such an incredible experience, but I know everyone has their share of freakouts. But NEVER FEAR your R.A.T. leaders are here!! I’m going to cover a lot information but no question is too random to email us and ask! (Besides, we need to be challenged every once in a while anyway).  I’ll start out with some marching band questions to ease you into it, and then move into housing, involvement on campus, and classes. Let’s get it started!

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Auburn Traditions
posted June 20, 2014

War Eagle! On this edition of the RAT Blog, we will be featuring four very important people, the Auburn University Marching Band Drum Majors! That’s right, those white uniform-wearing, mace-carrying, cheer-calling folks. This week, the Drum Majors will be sharing their favorite Auburn traditions. While I think we can all agree that every Auburn tradition is the best, they have picked out the one that means a lot to them.  We hope y’all enjoy reading their post, and hey, you just might learn something new!

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The History of the R.A.T. program
posted June 10, 2014

Hello everyone! So far on the R.A.T. Blog we have learned more about your four fantastic R.A.T. Leaders, have been given a history of how our lovely school came to be, and now we are going to discover the origins of the R.A.T. Program! I'm sure you all have been wondering how our founders came up with the acronym (R.A.T. stands for Rookie Auburn Tiger for those who didn't know), how the program was initially developed, and how it came to be the fun-filled establishment that it is today!

Once upon a time, in the loveliest village on the Plains, the founders of our noble school sought a way to distinguish new students. All freshmen at Auburn University used to be called R.A.T.s.  The story goes that when freshmen rode into town on the train, they scattered as soon as they got off, and the locals said that it looked like "rats scattering". The name stuck, the acronym was made up, and the R.A.T.s were given beanies to wear.  I'm sure that they could not imagine then that we would still be calling freshman this term of endearment all these many years later!

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Get to know "The Loveliest Village on the Plains!"
posted June 3, 2014

War Eagle!!

You guys have learned a little bit more about your leadership, so this blog is dedicated to learning more about the place you are going to call home in a few months—The Loveliest Village on the Plains.

Auburn University was first established in 1856 as the East Alabama Male College, 20 years after the city of Auburn's founding. In 1872, under the Morrill Act, the school became the first land-grant college in the South and was renamed the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama. In 1899 the name again was changed, to the Alabama Polytechnic Institute or API (you can still see people wearing API shirts on campus). FINALLY, in 1960 the name was changed to Auburn University, more in keeping with its location, and expressed the variety of academic programs and larger curriculum of a major university.

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Get to know your leadership
posted May 30, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 RAT Blog! Whether you're looking to audition for  the Auburn University Marching Band at preseason camp, or just stumbled upon this page, we're glad you're here! You may be wondering what the RAT Blog is about- it's not filled with pictures of cute furry animals or information about our favorite Disney mascot. RAT is an acronym that stands for Rookie Auburn Tiger, and it's how we identify our first year members of the AUMB. The RAT Blog is your place to gain information about life in Auburn and the AUMB, and find answers to any questions you may have. Each week your fearless RAT Leaders will post blogs about our typical game day schedule, what to expect at preseason camp, how to get involved at Auburn, and all kinds of other useful information. We'll have guest posts from the Drum Majors, too! This week we wanted to give y'all the chance to learn a little more about us, and so we each came up with five fascinating facts that we're sure you cannot find anywhere else on our lovely friend the internet. Enjoy!

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