One of America's greatest contributions to Western political philosophy and practice has been the Constitutional Convention--where new forms of government are invented or old ones transformed.

Although there has been only 1 such event at the national level in American history (1787), there have been many at the state level.

SIMCONCON is an experimental state constitutional convention using the ICTs (Information and Communications Technologies) of the 21st century to better inform future designers of state constitutions and the citizens who must call them and ratify their product.

Auburn SIMCONCON--an action experiment in democratic experiential learning--was held over a 16 week period from January-April 2002 at Auburn University.  It involved approximately 30 undergraduate and graduate students and 20 expert witnesses.  There were 8 hearings and 3 plenary sessions and lots of information, opinion and heated deliberation via electronic ICTs.  There was good media coverage and opportunities for the general citizenry to participate.

You can see for yourself by clicking around this website and accessing newspaper articles, videos, power-point presentations and polls.

Actually this website is also a web-based template for any political decision making body that wishes to truly empower citizens in making constitutions, laws, plans, or administrative regulations.

The final results of Auburn SIMCONCON--a number of proposed constitutional changes to the present Alabama state constitution of 1901-- are now posted on this website.  You can read them in their entirety (committee by committee)  by clicking on the blinking "Proposals" banner at the top of this page.  Moreover, you can vote on some of the more intriguing proposals by either going into the "Voting Booth" (left side menu) or clicking on the blinking "Vote" banner at the top of this page.

Welcome to SIMCONCON, a 21st century democratic model of how to transform poorly performing representative governments


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