Fall '13 Semester Client Satisfaction Survey

Selected Questions from the 28-Item Client Satisfaction Survey

Rating Scale: Strongly Agree-4   Agree-3   Disagree-2   Strongly Disagree-1

  1. I experienced improvement in the condition or problems for which I sought services.
  2. My counselor helped me develop better ways of coping with my concerns.
  3. I am satisfied overall with my own growth as a result of counseling services.
  4. I would recommend SCS to a friend.
  5. I regard SCS as a necessary part of the university.
  6. By coming to counseling, I am better able to function academically.

Written comments from SCS clients:

Coming to counseling really helped me. After the first session, I felt that I did have something to live for and that I had the power to change my life into a new direction. Thank you for saving me.

My counselor made me feel accepted and was fantastic to work with. He understood me very well and helped me every time I came in.

SCS has been a literal lifesaver. I would have probably not gotten help without you. My counselor has been great, and I really feel like she cares about me and my wellbeing. Everything has been great, and I especially appreciate having been allowed more than 10 sessions. Thank you!

Counseling has been a positive change for my mindset, view of where I stand! I feel comfortable in my own skin.

I have absolutely no complaints. This is my second bout with the SCS, and it has been incredibly beneficial. Both counselors I have had have been absolutely wonderful! I wasn’t a believer in counseling before I got dragged in here by a roomie, but now I am a huge advocate and recommend it strongly.

SCS has really helped me to grow as an individual and to better cope with my emotions. Though I was nervous to come in, I am forever grateful I did.

Came with specific issues, ended up discussing much more and all of it has definitely helped me become a better person and much happier.

I’m extremely happy that I chose to come to SCS and with the tools my counselor gave me, I know that I will continue to improve and be able to handle things.

SCS is an invaluable part of AU! I can’t even imagine how I would have struggled through psychological aspects of grad school without my counselor.

At first I didn’t even know what was wrong. SCS helped me find what I was really struggling with and helped me to overcome it.

Coming to SCS is one of the best decisions I have made while in graduate school. Overall I feel more equipped to tackle the stress that comes with everyday life. I am truly going to miss this service once I graduate!

SCS gives me a safe place to come to when I feel like I have nowhere else to go. Very necessary to this university!

Fabulous job. These people are amazing.