Understanding AU EDTT

Auburn University offers a multidisciplinary treatment team, Auburn University Eating Disorders Treatment Team (AU EDTT), to serve students seeking treatment for eating disorders or related problems. The team consists of professionals from Student Counseling Services (SCS), AU Medical Clinic (AUMC) professional staff, and a registered dietitian. Students who are interested in an assessment and/or treatment for an eating disorder or related problem should schedule an intake appointment with a senior staff clinician at SCS. During the intake appointment, a complete assessment will be undertaken. Each client who presents with eating issues will be staffed by the treatment team to determine appropriate action.

What to Expect From Appointments

The preferred initial contact with AU EDTT is through SCS where a psychological assessment will be completed. Students should call SCS (844.5123) to schedule an initial intake appointment. Students seen initially through other AU EDTT providers will be referred to SCS for a psychological assessment.

When meeting with a member of AU EDTT, students can expect the following:

Student Counseling Services
At the intake session, a senior staff clinician will ask the student for information about eating, exercising, and purging behaviors. If a student with an eating concern is considered appropriate for treatment by AU EDTT, then the student will sign a contract for treatment. As a part of this contract, the student will be referred for a physical exam at AUMC with the AU EDTT medical provider. The student will also be referred to the AU EDTT registered dietitian for a nutrition assessment. The student will sign release of information forms so that members of AU EDTT can discuss the student’s treatment. The student may also be asked to sign a release of information form so that the AU EDTT members can speak with an identified party (i.e., physician, parent, partner, etc.) should the team have concerns regarding the health of the student. AU EDTT meets at least once monthly to monitor each student’s progress.

In following appointments, the psychologist/counselor will facilitate psychological treatment services, which may include individual and/or group therapy, and coordinate treatment services with AU EDTT.

Auburn University Medical Clinic
A medical provider will provide the student with an initial medical assessment and follow-up medical treatment services. The student will be asked by the SCS senior staff clinician to undergo a complete medical assessment within one week of the student’s initial contact with AU EDTT. If a student is referred by AU EDTT for a psychiatric evaluation, then a psychiatrist will provide the student with an assessment and follow-up treatment.

A registered dietitian will provide the student with a nutrition assessment and follow-up nutrition treatment services. If possible, the initial nutrition assessment should be scheduled within 2-3 weeks of the student’s initial contact with AU EDTT. A $75 fee will be charged for the initial assessment and a follow up appointment after the assessment. Any additional follow up appointments will cost $20.

In the event that the student’s presenting condition warrants more intensive and/or long-term care, as determined by AU EDTT, the student will be provided an appropriate referral outside of the AU setting. Although AU EDTT strives to provide high-quality services, there are times that the team will refer a student to an outside provider and monitor the referral until the student is firmly established in working with the new provider.

AU Eating Disorder Treatment Team

Auburn University Medical Clinic
Medical Provider: Patricia Keeney, CRNP

AU Student Counseling Services
EDTT Coordinator: Kristee Treadwell, Ph.D. (Assistant Director for Clinical Services)

Campus Recreation & the Health and Wellness Center
Registered Dietitian: Jessica-Lauren Newby M.A. RD, LD, IBCLC