Housing Services

Cable T.V. and High Speed Internet

These services are included in your rent. There is a cable outlet in each residence hall room and in each bedroom and living room in the Village. Internet access is wireless throughout the residence halls. View a list of cable TV channels available in the residence halls.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are located in each Village residence hall and in each Hill residence hall as well as in Terrell Hall, the dining facility on the Hill. In the Quad, there are central laundry facilities convenient to the residence halls. A number of washers and dryers are equipped to allow residents to use their Tiger Card in lieu of coins. South Donahue residents have in-suite laundry machines.


We have an in-house maintenance and custodial staff. The Housing Property Management office conducts safety inspections, performs general maintenance functions (painting, plumbing, etc.) and responds to work orders submitted by residents. Technicians are on call after business hours and on weekends to respond to repair and other maintenance requests. Custodians regularly clean the public areas in and around all residential buildings.

Trash Disposal and Recycling

Residents are responsible for cleaning their rooms (and bathrooms) and apartments and for removing their trash to receptacles outside but in close proximity to their buildings. Residents are strongly encouraged to recycle and Housing provides convenient means to facilitate that effort. Learn what you can recycle through our residential recycling program.

Dining Facilities

Residents may use their dining plans at any dining venue on campus. Terrell Dining is centrally located on the Hill. Einstein Brothers Bagels, Lupton Deli, the Student Center and Foy Hall are either in or in close proximity to Quad. West View Dining is located in the Village. For more information visit: AU Dining

Mail Service

There are central mailrooms in each of our four residential communities. Hill and Quad residents share a mailbox for each room: South Donahue and Village residents are each assigned a mailbox. Large packages are delivered to the central mailroom in each community and residents are notified when to pick up packages.

Heating & Cooling

Due to the nature of the mechanical systems in the Quad and Hill residence halls, heating and air-conditioning "on demand" are not possible. We have a water-based system that only allows for hot water to be run through the pipes when the heat is on and chilled water to be run through the pipes when the A/C is on. The hot and chilled water cannot be run concurrently and when we convert from heat to A/C and vice versa, it involves more than a flip of a switch and therefore the conversion process typically takes two to three days. Therefore, we monitor long range forecasts and must make decisions for the longer term versus what the next day or two might bring in terms of temperatures.

Because of wide temperature fluctuations at certain times in the late Fall, Winter, and early Spring, it is impossible for us to provide heating and cooling to satisfy everyone’s internal thermostat. The exposure of the building to the sun adds to the challenge of providing heating or cooling that satisfies everyone during these very short periods of temperature fluctuations. It never fails that on the very same day (and sometimes in the very same building), we have residents requesting air-conditioning and other residents requesting heating!

When you are making your housing requests, please keep the nature of the Hill and Quad HVAC system in mind if you have sensitivities (asthma, allergies, etc.) to the weather that require you to have heat and A/C on demand.

At the Village and South Donahue, each living unit (suite) has its own temperature controlling thermostat so heat and A/C will be available on demand.