Della Steam Plant
The case study illustrates a turbine-generator unit in a power plant vibrating heavily and shaking the building. Two engineers recommend conflicting solutions. Sam Towers, the plant manager, had to make a decision that could cost the company millions of dollars.

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Key Features
Learning Objectives

  • Highlights the need for engineers to interpret engineering data, analyze financial implications, and make recommendations to the management.
  • Coverage includes engineering issues, risk management, safety, credibility issues, and financial issues.
  • Designed to satisfy ABET 2000 criteria for developing the student's ability to use techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  • Accompanying CD-ROM graphically illustrates the problem using photos, videos, and charts.
  • Competency materials provide technical and management information needed to solve the problem.
  • A comprehensive instructor's manual CD-ROM includes solution adapted at the plant, student presentations, possible answers, teaching suggestions, forms for grading, powerpoint presentations, multiple-choice and essay questions, and answers.

  • Integrate engineering and business issues by understanding that good decisions require striking a balance between technical, financial, credibility, and management issues.
  • Synthesize and apply knowledge gained in earlier courses to solve a real-world problem.
  • Gain higher-level cognitive skills such as reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
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