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The 2019-2020 Student Recruiter Application can be found at the following link: Student Recruiter Application 2019-2020.

The application opens on February 1st, and the deadline is Friday, February 22nd at noon. You will sign-up for your first round group interview when completing the application. All first round interviews will take place in the Student Center Room 2107. The attire for first round interviews is business casual, and a $10 application fee (cash or check made out to “Student Recruiters”) is due at the time of your interview.

Student Recruiters are responsible for giving campus tours and working on- and off-campus recruitment events for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. To learn more about Student Recruiters and the application process, join us at one of our information sessions:

  • Tuesday, February 12th at 7:00 p.m. in the Quad Center

  • Monday, February 18th at 7:00 p.m. in the Quad Center

In previous years, the selections for Student Recruiters and Athletic Recruiters have been held simultaneously. Because of recent SEC legislation, we will not be holding interviews or selecting members for Athletic Recruiters this year.

Auburn University Student Recruiters

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How can I become a Student Recruiter?
Applications traditionally go out the first week in February and are due the last Friday in February. Check the university website as well as your weekly student life emails for announcements advertising Student Recruiter Information Sessions and Interviews. Applications can be picked up and turned in at the Student Recruiter cubicle in the Quad Center. At that time, you will sign up for a first round interview slot.

When are Student Recruiter interviews?
Interviews are held the two weeks before Spring Break. There are two rounds, with call backs for the second round being at the end of the first round interviews. The amount of people called back for the second round will vary based on how many people tryout and the caliber of our applicants.

What is the dress for each interview?
The first round interview is business casual and the second round interview is business professional.

What will I do if I become a Student Recruiter?

  • If you become a student recruiter, you will work two office hours per week. Expect your office hour to last anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours.
  • You will give campus tours to prospective students and their families during your office hours and at one home football game each year.
  • Some recruiters are chosen to assist the Office of University Recruitment staff in traveling to recruitment events both in the state of Alabama and throughout the southeastern region.
  • After every tour you give, you will write postcards to the prospective students on your tour.
  • All recruiters are required to assist with War Eagle Days and TALONS Days throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters.
  • Have the honor of being a part of the incredible group of Auburn students who recruit the future students of our fantastic University.

How many Recruiters are accepted each year?
The organization consists of fifty-six recruiters and four officers.

Where is the Student Recruiter Office?
The Quad Center.

I plan on being here in the summer. Is there summer work available?
Yes! We give tours throughout the summer.

How do I contact Student Recruiters?
You may e-mail Student Recruiters at

The following is an essay written by Lauren Allison. Lauren was a Student Recruiter from Jackson, MS.

What does the life of an Auburn University Student Recruiter involve? It involves building amazing friendships that will last a lifetime. It involves reaching out to those undecided high school students out there who are looking for a home away from home. It involves instilling a love and loyalty in your heart for this institution that will forever be a part of you. It involves giving back to Auburn only a part of what she has given to you.

Student recruiters pose for a photoThe friendships I talk about are built through office hours and Sunday night meetings. During weekly office hours, our responsibility is to lead prospective students on tours of our campus. If there is no tour to be given, we do odd jobs around the office. Since there is rarely work to be done around the office, we use this time to really get to know each other. There is never a dull (or quiet) moment in The Quad Center when Student Recruiters are present. Every other Sunday night, we have a scheduled meeting that involves signing up for group tours, fighting for a spot on a college fair trip, and telling funny tour stories.

On the Sunday nights that we don't meet, we go out to eat together. These are the times that we really get to build everlasting friendships. These are the memories that I will treasure from my time as a Student Recruiter.

We have many opportunities to reach out to those scared and undecided students. We participate in War Eagle Days in the fall where we give out free football tickets to high school seniors. To see the looks on their faces as they enter Jordan Hare on game day is worth a thousand words. We also give tours of campus to alumni and prospective students on game days. In the spring we help recruit scholarship students on Merit Monday (TALONS Day). We also conduct a letter writing and phone calling campaign to prospective students. This is a time to adda personal touch to undecided seniors. We get to tell them what it means to be a part of the Auburn family in hopes that they will sense your passion for Auburn.

Student recruiters pose for a photo inside Jordan-Hare Stadium.The love and loyalty for Auburn that is instilled in your heart comes from giving tours of the campus. This is your chance to shine and to connect with prospective students. You have a rare opportunity to relay the thoughts and feelings that are present in every Auburn student's heart to people who are in no way associated with this university. To them, Auburn is just a name. Before they leave here, they will see that the Auburn spirit is alive. Maybe that comes from the smile on your face as you tell them about Toomer's Corner, or maybe it's from their observations of friendliness on the Concourse. Oftentimes it is that breathtaking view of the splendor of Auburn from the Eagle's Nest. Whatever it is, the Auburn spirit is alive and ever presents. The pride you have in this university can only grow as you try to describe the chillbumps you get from being a part of this wonderful institution.

Through all of this, you are given an awesome opportunity to give back to Auburn some of what she has given to you. You are given the simple task of loving this university with all of your heart. If you do that, it is very easy to illustrate this for prospective students. Through this organization, I have grown so much. I will graduate in the fall, but the memories I have from being a Student Recruiter will forever be a part of me. War Eagle!

Last updated: 01/31/2019