Transportation: Biking and Walking in Auburn

Auburn U's bikepath plan. Click image to download [PDF].

Auburn University Bike Lanes

  • Existing or under construction—4.55 miles on road; 1.8 miles off road.

  • Future Proposed—2 miles on road; 6 miles off road.

Auburn University Pedestrianized Streets

  • Existing or under construction—5000 feet.

  • Future proposed—1600 feet.

Auburn City Bike Lanes

  • Existing—34.0 miles.

  • Future proposed—117.5 miles.

Why Are We Promoting Bikes?

Biking is good for your health, it's good for your pocket and it's good for the environment. Of all the alternatives to single-occupant vehicle transportation, bikes are the easiest, fastest, most efficient, and cheapest way to get to and from campus.

Campus Bike Committee

The bike committee is a group of Auburn University faculty, staff, and students who are dedicated to increasing bike usage and facilities on campus through education, planning, and event coordinating.

The goals of the bike committee are:

1. Convenient access to central campus for bikes
  • Bike paths that parallel pedestrian walkways OR

  • Bike paths that are independent of pedestrian walkways but lead to same destination

  • Bicycle loop that allows travel around the core campus pedestrian zone and permits faster travel

2. Sufficient parking racks and shelters
  • Sufficient bike racks to accommodate peak bike traffic on campus at convenient locations

  • Shelters provided at several strategically placed large storage areas

3. Bike shop in new Student Center and air pumps at several locations around campus.

4. University wide education of students, faculty, and staff about bike safety and use.

If you would like to participate on the bike committee, please send an email to:

Rules and Bike Safety
WaCaDa (Walk and Cycle and Drive alike): Bike Safety

Instructions for using Bikes-on-Buses Tiger Transit racks

Auburn City Bike Rules

Bike Safety Interactive Games

Events and Organizations in Auburn University and City
City of Auburn Bicycling

Bike Bash

Auburn Flyers

Old Auburn Bike Path

Bike Links

World Changing
Photo: World Changing

"A roundup of the best in new bikes, bike infrastructure, blogs, books and more."

Design Considerations for the University
  • Complete bike loop around core campus

  • Get bike parking as close to buildings as possible

  • Separate bike paths/pedestrians/automobiles

  • Space for 6-10 bikes at every building (min) or every entrance (max)

  • Several large covered storage areas