SUST 2000 - Introduction to Sustainability

Required Foundation for Minor in Sustainability

This course provides a broad-based introduction to sustainability that is relevant to all majors. Students will gain a working knowledge of sustainability through readings and class discussions of theory and case studies.

The course is the required foundations course for the new Minor in Sustainability Studies that will be offered at Auburn starting in Fall 2008.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email the instructors: Matt Williams and Lindy Biggs.

To download samples of SUST 2000 course description and schedule from fall 2008, click the links below.

Fall 2008 class description and policy [PDF]

Fall 2008 class schedule [PDF]

Topics Covered

  • History of Sustainability

  • The Next Industrial Revolution: Natural Capitalism

  • The Triple Bottom Line: Economics, Environment, & Equity

  • Human Capital

  • Climate Change

  • Scientific Process and Sustainability

  • Fundamental Ecological Concepts

  • Biodiversity

  • Complexity of Natural Systems

  • Resilience and Tipping Points

  • Limits of Human Engineered Systems

  • Ecosystem Services: water, air, toxins

  • Ecosystem Services: food systems

  • Ecological Footprinting

  • Sustainable Industry and Business

  • Sustainable Materials

  • Sustainable Design

  • Sustainable Buildings

  • Sustainable Cities

  • Sustainable Engineering

  • Biomimicry

  • The Future of Energy

  • Waste and How it is Used