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Summary of Sustain-A-Bowl 2009

Auburn University's Sustain-A-Bowl, 2009, was a competition between the 22 residence halls in the Quad and the Hill to see which building could reduce the energy and water used and the waste produced in the month of February compared to the average for that same building from 2006-2008.

  • For FY09 Auburn has budgeted $20.7 million for utilities (elec., water, natural gas)

  • Twenty two residence halls in the Quad and the Hill competed in Sustain-A-Bowl '09

  • The winning residence hall is Sasnett Hall with 710 out of 1000 possible points

  • There are 149 Female + 48 Male (197) residents in Sasnett hall

  • Sasnett hall reduced their energy use by 20%

  • Sasnett hall reduced their water use by 25%

  • Sasnett hall participated in Movie Night (60 points) and Trivia Night (90 points)

  • The team from Sasnett hall won Trivia Night

  • All 22 residence halls achieved reductions in their water and electricity use, and increased their recycling versus trash

  • Water reductions ranged between 1.5 and 31%

  • Electricity reductions ranged between 2.5 and 26%

  • The calculated savings for February 2009 for all 22 residence halls was $5506 for electricity and $2785 for water (total = $8291)

Special thanks to Ken Martin, Becky Bell, President Gogue, Dr. Joe Kicklighter, Resident Life staff and all the volunteers who helped to make Sustain-A-Bowl such a success. And thanks to Auburn University Concessions Board, Tiger Dining, Golden's Bicycles, Waste Management, Cartridge Solutions, Walmart, Winn Dixie and Santa Fe Steak House for their contributions.

For a breakdown of results, download the complete Sustain-A-Bowl Results PDF.

To organize your own sustainability competition, visit the Sustain-A-Bowl Resource website.