Res Life Eco-Reps

The Res Life Eco-Rep program began in fall 2009 and resulted from the cooperation between the Office of Sustainability and Housing and Residence Life.

The Eco-Reps are Housing and Residence Life staff who are involved in peer-to-peer sustainability education throughout the year. The reponsibilities of Eco-Reps include the following:

  • Organize sustainability themed area events.

  • Encourage residents and other Housing staff to live more sustainably.

  • Educate residents about sustainability.

  • Liaise with the Office of Sustainability.

  • Be the Res Life Eco-Reps for Sustain-A-Bowl.

Eco-Reps for Sustain-A-Bowl

Sustain-A-Bowl is a conservation competition in on-campus residence halls that takes place every year in the month of February. Eco-Reps are involved in the design and development of Sustain-A-Bowl every year, particularly in the eduction and outreach aspects of the competition.

While preparing for Sustain-A-Bowl, Eco-Reps:

  • Attend one meeting per semester with the Office of Sustainability.

  • Join the listserve.

  • Educate residents about Sustain-A-Bowl, its purpose and importance.

  • Encourage Res Life staff to complete the pre-Sustain-A-Bowl survey.

In February, during Sustain-A-Bowl, Eco-Reps help with events such as the following:

  • Fall in Love with Green-Eco-Reps, staff and residents organize a green valentines candle-lit dinner.

  • Trivia Night-Organized by the sustainability interns, Eco-Reps help with promotion (e.g. bulletin boards, FaceBook, face-to-face).

  • Green Lunch-Organized by the Office of Sustainability, Eco-Reps help with promotion (e.g. bulletin boards, FaceBook, face-to-face).

  • Photo competition, "What does it mean to be Green?" - Eco-Reps encourage residents to take photos under this theme and submit to for the SAB photo gallery.

Not only do Eco-Reps earn Staff Development Credits and get to put this awesome experience on their resumes, most importantly, they are involved in educating their peers about some of the most important issues of our time and in helping the younger generations create a more sustainable world.

Res Life local and organic food cookout.

Bulletin board made with recycled and salvaged materials.

Aubie rides the recycle trike.