Academic Workshops: Sustainability in the Curriculum

Once a year, the Office of Sustainability holds a one and a half day workshop for academics interested in incorporating sustainability into their curricula. People from all disciplines are welcome. Those who participate in the workshop end up with a finished curriculum. See below for a collection of past participant's curricula.

The Fall Line Project, named for the position of Auburn at the geographic interface between the hard rock of the uplands and the sandy soils of the coastal plains, is based on the nationally recognized Piedmont Project at Emory University. This year, 2012, the workshop will take place on May 9 and 10 at the Auburn University Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve.

Fall Line, May 9 and 10, 2012

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Application Process

To apply please fill out the Workshop Application and forward it to the Director of Academic Sustainability Programs, Nanette Chadwick at,

Syllabi from Fall Line Faculty





ART 3530 - Sculpture III   McNulty, C.


FINC 3630 - Advanced Business Finance

  Crutchley, C.



ENGL 1120 - Freshman Composition II - Sustainability: The Landscape of Argument    Acevedo, C. 
ENGL7740 - British Literature and Culture: Outdoors in the Novel    Carroll, A. 

Human Sciences

CAHS 2000 - Global Consumer Culture   

Brock, K.

HDFS 2000 - Marriage and Family in a Global Context


Roberson, C.


Natural Science

BIOL 4970 - Global Change Biology

  Fielman K.

Biology 1215 (Columbus State) - Principles of Biology   

Stratford, J.


Social Science

ANTH 1000 - Introduction to Anthropology    Gentry, C.

SOCY 1000 - Introduction to Sociology


Fry, M.

SOCY 5970 - Social Stratification   

Fry, M.

SOCY 5970 - Complex Organizations   

Fry, M.